Five High-Paying Jobs for a Marketing MBA

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High-Paying Jobs for a Marketing MBA

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Business Development Managers/Directors
  • International Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Executives

Obtaining a Marketing MBA can absolutely lead to high-paying jobs. Your first job or internship should be with a blue chip company. Not only do blue chip companies provide the necessary experience that is required for C-level marketers, but they also provide a diverse network of capable constituents.

Marketing Managers $115,000-$125,000

Marketing managers generally deal with expansion into markets new to the company or organization, or new to the industry. They collect and analyze data to determine trends, opportunities, and many other variables to plan marketing campaigns. These positions are usually project specific, for example, one manager may oversee the department that markets via the aspects of social media. In smaller institutions, marketing managers may be directly responsible for everything from planning advertising and promotion activities to working with writers and/or artists concerning design, layout, and production of materials used for promotional purposes. The position's primary function is to improve profitability and sales.

Marketing Directors $125,000-$140,000

Marketing directors are usually responsible for a team of marketing managers, depending on the size of the company or organization, which covers all aspects of those departments. The smaller the entity, the more likely that this position will cover some, if not all, of the marketing managers' duties, earning the title and the salary for effort alone. At blue chip companies this position definitely means that they will be collecting the efforts of various managers and coming together to determine and develop strategies in all areas of marketing through guidance and feedback. It also means organizing efficient promotional activities and events.

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Business Development Managers/Directors $130,000-$150,000

Business development managers or directors generate revenue by, among other things, prospecting new clients by generating interest, implementing persuasive approaches and lasting rapport, and appealing to existing clients by presenting fresh and innovative solutions, products, and services. This position is essential to any company which is ambitious to expand or diversify, and is usually accepted as a senior sales job. The job requires an extensive knowledge of the market and competitors, and an ability to form singular services and solutions. The bottom line for this position is the improvement of customer satisfaction, the increase of customer numbers, and the preservation of product loyalty.

International Marketing Executives $130,000-$150,000

International marketing executives require an awareness of and an appreciation for the language and culture of whatever country their respective company or organization is target marketing. The position will probably require some travel as these executives will be expected to communicate with international clients in order to create and ensure substantial global relationships. Intercultural communication encompasses embracing nuances of other languages and behaviors to determine what marketing campaigns will be well received by particular target markets. The ideal candidate for this position will be efficient and capable of understanding, maneuvering, and anticipating situations concerning the interdependence of world markets.

Business Development Executives $145,000-$160,000

Business development executives are actually all about development in every aspect, and with a capital D as the global economy changes and grows. As senior level sales professionals who must stay abreast of current market activity, they analyze market conditions and consider all manner of market research to create new markets and expand existing ones. They are also expected to create and maintain professional relationships with clients as they expand the client base. The goal is to develop and collect long-term connections, and the position is crucial to new companies or to any organization that needs to generate goodwill in the market.

Salaries for high-paying jobs may vary greatly depending on the company and location. You can strongly sway consideration in your favor with experience at a blue chip company and a Marketing MBA on your resume.

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