What Can I Do with an MBA in Marketing?

Updated February 15, 2022 | Staff Writers

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What Jobs Am I Qualified for with a Marketing MBA?

What jobs am I qualified for with a marketing MBA? The question practically answers itself. Since marketing focuses on consumers, information and communication, those with an MBA have myriad businesses and roles from which to choose. The questions they must ask themselves are whether the degree has equipped them to discern consumer opinion and whether they know enough to respond in a way that enhances purchases (and profits). Understanding consumer behavior and the latest in marketing tools—social media, e.g.—opens doors in many fields for those armed with the MBA. A few such jobs are enumerated below.

Marketing Manager

Marketing manager, or director of marketing, is a fairly obvious ambition for a newly minted MBA recipient. In this position, the manager leads a staff that may include artists, designers, copywriters and researchers. Other personnel can be recruited and retained as freelancers and vendors. Together with subordinates, a director of marketing conceives of campaigns that will stimulate public interest, drawing new customers while strengthening existing ones. He or she must also determine the best mode for the marketing effort, e.g. traditional, like television commercials, radio jingles and print advertising; or digital, using mostly online platforms such as websites, social media and email lists. Finally, the manager must sell the campaign to the CEO and board of directors.

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Market Research Director

Companies increase their customer pool in both breadth and depth when they tap into public sentiment and desire. Several MBA programs offer advanced study in the techniques and exploitation of market research, including the methods of data gathering and statistical analysis. This information is useful to businesses seeking to position themselves in niche areas and differentiate themselves from competitors by targeting optimal segments of the buying public. Ideal candidates for market research director will be both numbers-oriented and deft at consumer psychology.

Public Relations Specialist

Also simply referred to as publicists, public relations specialists focus on marketing people. Colleges and universities are increasingly aware of the importance of celebrities to the culture, and respond with MBA offerings in entertainer, athlete and author marketing. Keeping the client’s name front and center is the goal of every good publicist. Savvy and connected, public relations specialists work with production companies and media outlets to stimulate interest in their client’s career and upcoming appearances. Serving as a link between corporate media and creative personalities, the publicist benefits from training in management, team building and consumer behavior. Also notable is the fact that PR specialists can also serve corporations by boosting reputation and profile, as opposed to individual products and services.

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Sales Manager

Though not identical, sales and marketing are intertwined enterprises. An advanced understanding of marketing principles helps to build a sales force that comprehends customer needs and preferences. Retail and business-to-business sales expand under leadership that masters not only the product or service, but also communications and strategy. Of course, strong sales experience is the best supplement to a marketing MBA.

And Many More

Marketing specialists can also serve non-profit groups as development directors, fundraisers and grant writers. Where there are people who spend money, marketing professionals are there also. Hence, there are countless answers to the question WHAT JOBS AM I QUALIFIED FOR WITH A MARKETING MBA?

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