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Best College Reviews strives to be an authoritative, objective, and editorially independent college review journal dedicated to providing students with relevant and trustworthy guidance on the college process.

Our Mission

Best College Reviews aims to enable aspiring students to make informed decisions that engender academic success. We recognize that students have different needs and provide them with the information necessary to find an institution that will help them grow both academically and professionally. 

Throughout our website, students will find:

Our Rankings

Best College Reviews publishes rankings focused on online college programs. We do this with the understanding that not all students thrive within a traditional institution, and that some students may prefer an online environment. We believe that online programs provide the flexibility and convenience students may need.

Since the educational and online worlds are in a state of constant flux, we are always working to update our lists and publish new content that covers these dynamic, developing, and lucrative fields. Thus far we have focused largely on programs that can be accessed online, but we also provide information on programs at “brick-and-mortar” institutions. 


To create our rankings, we utilize publicly available data from many sources, including:

We aim to be forthright about how our business model works and how that influences, or does not influence, editorial decisions. 

Best College Reviews has partnerships with over 400 colleges and universities. We make a profit from a school when a student requests information about that school; however, these partnerships do not, and never have, influenced our rankings.

We refuse any requests from schools to be added to or moved up in our rankings. We take pride in drawing a strong line between our profit and our editorial standards, and our goal is to always provide editorially independent rankings based on a strong, well-defined methodology. We want students to trust our rankings first and foremost, and for that reason our rankings remain editorially independent from our revenue sources.

Our Feature Reviews

Best College Reviews strives to cover college experiences for both online and in-person students and, as such, publishes reviews about the experience of living on campus as part of a social and academic community. In our reviews, students learn about the various features brick-and-mortar campuses have to offer.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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