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Writing a Killer Essay

Tips and techniques from a veteran teacher, as well as some of the greatest writers of all time. If you're looking for that special something to wow professors or your peers, check out our guide on writing killer essays.

The Homeschool Student's Guide to College

College is a time of big transition for nearly everyone, but can be an especially large transition for students who have been taught at home for large portions of their life. Check out our guide to starting college for homesschoolers!

A Guide for Learning Spanish in College

Spanish is the most popular language taken in secondary and post-secondary schools, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Check out our guide to really learning Spanish well in college here.

Study Guides, Tips and Tricks for College Students

Expectations are different in college. For many students, it's the first time in their life when they may not have anyone looking over their shoulder to make sure they're keeping up or studying. Check out our study tips here.

College Prep for the SAT

The SAT has slowly become the standard test for college admissions. While taking the test can seen daunting -- with potential admissions and money on the line -- it's also a great opportunity.

College Savings and 529 Plans by State

529 Savings Plans allow parents or loved one's to start saving for college in a tax advantaged way. Check out one of the best ways to save for college here.

A Guide to College Student Finances

Dont’t become a statistic – let us help you take control of your finances. Check out our college student finance guide here.

College Health Insurance Made Easy

This guide was written as a kind of map to help students navigate through the ocean of health care providers, language, costs and benefits, pros and cons.

Be an Overcomer: Fitness and Nutrition in College

What causes the health and fitness problems in college? Why does it matter and why should a young man or woman care?

Mind the Gap Year

Ever wondered what some of the (potentially life changing) pros and cons or a "gap year" are. Take it from one of our experts and learn to assess what a gap year could do for you.

A Student's Guide to Playing Sports in College

Hundreds of thousands of students play varsity sports in college yearly, but expectations for college athletics can often be much more extreme than in high school. Check out our guide to balancing sports and school here.

Dealing With Peer Pressure in College

College can be an exciting time socially, and many people meet some of their best and lifelong friends there. It can also be a time of new social stresses and pressures. Check out our guide on peer pressure here.

A College Guide for Students With Disabilities

College is a great opportunity for everyone, and particularly for students with disabilities. Most reputable schools have many support services and groups, check out our guide to find out more!

Developmental Psychology Resources for Students With Dyslexia

Though dyslexia can be challenging -- particularly in reading heavy programs of study -- dyslexia is often also a sign of giftedness. Check out our tips for making the most of college with dyslexia here!

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