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Project management professionals plan, schedule, and oversee projects for a variety of organizations. As managers, they rely on strong leadership and interpersonal skills to supervise teams.

Bachelor’s programs in project management build the knowledge and skills necessary for project management careers. Learners study foundational business and project management concepts. They also typically strengthen their training by completing an internship or a capstone project. 

Students pursuing bachelor’s programs in project management online enjoy many benefits. For instance, online learning gives students the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional obligations. Online students can also attend the top programs in the country without relocating. 

Our list ranks the top online bachelor’s programs in project management to help prospective students find the right program for their needs. This page also covers common project management courses, concentrations, and degree requirements. 

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Bachelor’s in Project Management Overview

Bachelor’s in project management programs train students to oversee the planning, scheduling, and execution of complex projects. Project managers communicate with team members and clients to make sure projects meet an organization’s goals and to keep the project on schedule and under budget. 

Project managers can work in diverse industries, like business, healthcare, construction, and technology. These professionals enjoy lucrative salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), project managers, classified as general and operations managers, earn a median salary of over $100,000.

During a project management program, undergraduates study core project management concepts like project planning, project scheduling, and risk management. Many online bachelor’s programs in project management incorporate an internship or capstone course to build career-ready skills. Online learners can typically complete internship requirements at a local organization. 

Project management capstone courses synthesize the knowledge and training students gain during the degree. Depending on the program, students may work in teams to complete a project from the planning stage through implementation and completion. Some capstone projects address real-world organizational challenges. 

Project management majors may also pursue concentrations to prepare for specific careers after graduation, such as concentrations in IT or construction project management. In addition to project management courses, online learners take business and general education classes. These courses strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills while building foundational business knowledge.

Graduates with a project management degree can pursue professional certification to advance their careers, like the project management professional credential from the Project Management Institute. 

Project Management Courses

This course examines fundamental project management tools and skills. Students learn about planning and controlling projects, the project management lifecycle, and effective project management techniques. Core concepts include risk management, project scheduling, and procurement. The class prepares project management students for upper-division coursework in the major.

Leadership courses may cover the principles of leadership, theoretical approaches to leadership, and different leadership styles. Learners also study topics like project planning, team motivation, and effective communication. Students often apply the knowledge gained in this class during a capstone project.

This course explores approaches to managing uncertainties in projects. Learners study risk management theories and practices, including methods for identifying risks and mitigating their harm. For example, coursework may cover risk management from a financial perspective, such as cost overruns, or from a performance perspective, where problems can cause delayed schedules.

Global project management courses examine project management in different global business contexts. Learners may study the role of culture and team management in a global setting and various project management methodologies and processes. The class prepares graduates for careers in global business.

Technical communication courses teach students how to convey technical information. Students learn to evaluate sources of information for credibility, create written work that communicates technical information, and determine the usability of technical communications. Students also learn about communication technologies and different approaches to communication.

Project Management Concentrations

During a bachelor’s degree in project management, online learners can often focus their training through concentrations. Concentrations can prepare graduates for specialized careers after graduation. Some online bachelor’s programs in project management offer formal concentrations or let students design a custom concentration through electives. The following list outlines several common project management concentrations.

Healthcare project managers plan and implement projects related to population health, patient outcomes, and quality assurance. A healthcare project management concentration may include courses in risk management in healthcare, qualitative management, and population health management.

Construction project managers oversee building projects. This concentration emphasizes construction knowledge, leadership skills, project design, and construction standards.

An IT project management concentration prepares graduates to manage an organization’s information technology needs. Students receive training in areas like network enterprise solutions, new technology implementation, and technological need evaluation.

Procurement and contracts concentrations explore the acquisition of products, resources, and services. Students learn to create a procurement management strategy, oversee the procurement process, and manage contracts with outside vendors.

Students who specialize in project risk management learn to identify potential risks associated with projects. Students learn to create risk management strategies and address problems. Major organizations rely on project risk managers to respond to problems and help projects stay on track.

Project Management Requirements

Applicants to online bachelor’s programs in project management typically must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and submit official transcripts. Many schools also require SAT or ACT scores. Schools may waive the standardized test score requirement for students with prior college credits.

Colleges may also request supplemental materials, like letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, or essays during the admissions process. Some programs require an admission interview. Applicants must typically meet GPA and standardized test score minimums to gain full admission, but some schools offer provisional admission to students who do not meet minimum requirements. 

After gaining admission to the school, undergraduates must meet the admission requirements for the project management major. Most programs set prerequisite coursework that students must complete before applying to the major. For example, students may need to complete business courses in areas like accounting, marketing, and finance. 

Once students meet all requirements, they can declare a project management major. Project management students must complete major courses, which may cover topics like project leadership, risk management, and quality management. 

In addition to major coursework, undergraduates complete general education requirements and electives. Many programs also incorporate a capstone project or internship. Once students meet all graduation requirements, they graduate with a bachelor’s degree in project management. 

Project Management Skills

Project managers draw on a variety of hard and soft skills to perform their jobs. For example, project managers must know how to plan and schedule projects, which requires soft skills in organization and communication. See below for soft skills that project managers need to succeed in their careers. 

Managing complex projects requires strong organizational skills, including the ability to maintain detailed records and juggle multiple responsibilities. Completing assignments and capstone projects during a bachelor’s degree helps students strengthen their organizational skills.

Project managers often oversee a team of professionals who contribute to the project. They also work with other managers to achieve the organization’s goals. The ability to work effectively with others helps project managers succeed.

When creating timelines or estimates, project managers draw on research skills. They must identify relevant information, incorporate research into their project, and research the effectiveness of their workflow.

Project managers evaluate information to determine the best approach to a project. They also rely on critical thinking skills to understand risk, analyze challenges, and develop solutions.

Project management jobs require strong communication skills. Project managers must be able to effectively communicate with clients, other managers, and staff both verbally and in writing.

In addition to soft skills, online bachelor’s programs in project management strengthen hard skills through courses on topics like risk management, leadership, and technical communication. The following hard skills help project managers succeed in their careers.

Project management professionals regularly rely on project planning skills. They use these skills to create timelines for projects, design resource plans, and create project estimates.

Project managers use risk management skills to identify potential problems in a project and create contingency plans if problems arise. They can also avoid risks by possessing a strong understanding of risk management.

Project managers must create detailed schedules showing project milestones, team objectives, and the order that tasks must take place. Project scheduling skills help project managers operate effectively and efficiently.

Top Programs in Project Management Online 2020

true Saint Leo University

A Catholic liberal arts college located in Florida, Saint Leo offers one of the Sunshine State’s top bachelor’s programs in project management. The program provides students with the skills needed to effectively lead projects.

All students complete a general business core, along with 24 credits of project management specialization courses. The specialization comprises eight courses covering topics like logistics management, project risk management, quality improvement project teamwork and leadership, and procurement and purchasing. Each course emphasizes experiential learning.

Saint Leo offers students several professional development opportunities, including internships, professional conferences, and membership in professional organizations. All learners can complete a project management internship with a business in their own community. Students can also participate in the school’s annual International Business Conference held on Saint Leo’s campus near Tampa.

true Southern New Hampshire University

One of the country’s largest online colleges, SNHU offers a bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in project management. The program helps learners build the skills to design, implement, and assess organizational projects in businesses of all types. Students gain a broad understanding of management principles and strategies, including statistical analysis, Six Sigma, and supply chain management.

The program explores the major tools, methodologies, and professional practices in project management, focusing on topics in demand forecasting, inventory control, production planning, supply chain management, and quality control. Students also complete a business core that builds foundational knowledge in various management topics.

The program features a flexible, fully online delivery method that enables students to complete work at their own pace. SNHU arranges its academic calendar into eight-week terms, with several start dates available throughout the year. Distance learners also benefit from a simple application process, generous credit transfer policies, and comprehensive online student support services.

true Regis University

A private college based in Denver, Colorado, Regis offers one of the state’s strongest online bachelor’s programs in project management. Preparing students to balance resources and budgets for all types of businesses, Regis’ program also stresses communication, decision-making, and general business acumen.

The business major includes 33-34 credits of lower-division courses, 27 credits of upper-division courses, and nine credits of project management specialization courses. Lower-division courses build foundational business knowledge in accounting, economics, marketing, and management. Upper-division courses explore advanced topics, such as ethical decision-making, business finance, and organizational behavior.

Learners can complete both an optional 12-credit minor and an additional nine-credit specialization. Specialization options include human resource management, public administration, finance, and marketing.

true Liberty University

One of the country’s largest Christian colleges, Liberty also ranks among the world’s top providers of online education. Though based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty serves students from around the world, offering one of the best bachelor’s programs in project management online. Liberty’s project management program uses a fully online format with condensed eight-week courses.

Building critical thinking and leadership skills, Liberty’s project management degree approaches business from a biblical perspective, framing coursework in the context of Christian ethics. The program’s curriculum stresses the tools and techniques of project management, with courses in principles of management, leading global projects, and operations management.

The program prepares students for the certified associate of project management credential, a valuable professional certification that can enhance graduates’ job prospects. Awarded by the Project Management Institution, this certification demonstrates the ability to manage both projects and teams in various professional settings.

true Davenport University

Home to one of Michigan’s top bachelor’s programs in project management, DU offers a fully online curriculum and a generous credit transfer policy. The university’s specialized bachelor of science in technology project management builds skills to manage projects in the IT sector and for any organization with technology needs.

Students learn to design, implement, and manage technology projects. The curriculum includes coursework in computer information systems, networking, finance, accounting, and project management. The program offers several specialization options, including accounting information systems, information security, and health information management.

DU emphasizes hands-on learning, with an online environment that enables students to develop technical proficiencies through practical experience. This focus on hands-on practice extends to the school’s internship program, in which 100% of technology project management students participate. Internships give students a close-up look at technology management in a professional environment.

Bellevue University

Based in Bellevue, Nebraska, BU offers a bachelor of science in project management that trains students to initiate, develop, execute, and oversee projects. The degree is among the few bachelor’s in project management programs accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs.

The program’s curriculum consists of 127 credits, including 40 credits of project management major courses. Core coursework covers key project management topics such as business communications, project leadership, procurement management, and risk management. The program also prepares candidates to obtain PMI certification, making graduates more competitive in the job market.

BU uses an online cohort format that sees students complete the same course sequence with the same peer group. The program eliminates all in-person requirements.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

A technical college known for its aeronautics and aviation programs, ERAU also offers several business degrees, including a bachelor of science in project management. The school maintains several campuses around the country, along with an extensive distance learning program that allows students to complete a degree without in-person requirements.

ERAU’s project management program emphasizes analytical tools for project management and problem-solving, approaching course content from the perspectives of effective communication and business ethics. Many courses rely heavily on Project Management Information Systems software, and the program also stresses general computer skills in computation, presentation, and word processing.

Learners complete 127 credits, including a 33-credit business core and a 21-credit project management core. The business core introduces key topics in corporate finance, business law, and strategic management. The project management section explores project risk and control and agile project management.

Baker College

A private college based in Flint, Michigan, Baker offers a unique bachelor of science in information systems with a concentration in project management. Emphasizing the role of information technology and systems in modern business practices, this interdisciplinary degree prepares students to streamline the technology systems that organize and facilitate business operations.

Learners complete 120 credits, with 75 credits required for the information systems major and 18 credits required for the project management concentration. The information systems major introduces foundational topics in database programming, enterprise architecture, system modeling, and computer science. The concentration covers specialized topics like project planning, negotiation strategies, and budget management.

All students complete a capstone project that requires them to demonstrate mastery of nine major program areas, including human resources, risk, scope, integration management, and communications.

City University of Seattle

A professionally focused private college in the Pacific Northwest, CityU offers one of the country’s top online bachelor’s programs in project management. This fully online degree explores business knowledge, leadership, and team development, giving students the skills to improve organizational outcomes.

Students complete 180 quarter credits, including a 60-credit project management core, a 25-credit emphasis section, and a five-credit capstone project. The project management core covers project scheduling and cost management, system dynamics, negotiation and competitive decision-making, and communicating with data.

Learners can complete either an information technology emphasis or a specialized study emphasis. The information technology emphasis includes courses in information security, information systems, and IT service management. The specialized study emphasis allows students to develop their own focus based on professional interests, which may include independent study, internships, and approved course offerings.

Charleston Southern University

CSU offers one of the top bachelor’s in project management programs in South Carolina. Affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention, CSU educates students through a Christian lens. The project management program prepares graduates for careers in manufacturing, business, construction, government contracting, and military logistics/operations.

The project management major comprises 51 credits, including courses in international business, human resource management, statistics for managers, project risk assessment, and business ethics. Learners must also complete a 47-credit liberal arts core along with a foreign language requirement, with a minimum of 125 credits required to graduate. The program features accelerated seven-week courses and a flexible, fully online format, making it ideal for working students.

CSU offers an online tuition discount program for employees of many partner organizations, including Boeing, Volvo, the City of Charleston, and the County of Charleston. The school also maintains a tuition reimbursement program with several additional partner organizations, including the South Carolina Federal Credit Union and AgSouth Farm Credit Union.

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