Five High-Paying Jobs for a Marketing Degree

Updated February 23, 2022 | Staff Writers

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High-Paying Jobs for a Marketing Degree

  • International Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Market Research Analyst

The way a product or service is sold is often just as important as the quality of the product itself, and marketing has become an expansive and ever-evolving field of both practice and academic study. Universities the world over offer programs in marketing, and increasingly, specializations within the field, such as social media, digital marketing, advertisement design, and market research.

Marketing can be an extraordinarily lucrative field for those with either a bachelor's or advanced degree, and can provide remarkable opportunities for travel, skills development, and upward advancement. Here are five high-paying jobs for a marketing degree.

International Marketing Manager

International marketing managers are responsible for directing the marketing efforts and strategies of their company outside their company's home nation. This intense but lucrative position involves local market and cultural research to direct marketing campaigns, and - for those with an adventurous spirit - may also offer up ample opportunities to travel. International marketing managers can earn upwards of six figures per year, along with generous benefits.

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers are responsible for creating and curating appropriate content to share across all marketing channels - from social media outlets to blogging platforms - that drive engagement and sales. They must be proficient with all aspects of producing content, including writing, SEO, social media management, and community management. Content marketing managers are very often responsible for managing entire content production teams that include a range of professionals from social media specialists to graphic designers.

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Chief Marketing Officer

An extraordinarily lucrative - but high-intensity - position to strive for, the chief marketing officer of a company oversees the production and execution of all marketing campaigns and efforts, and works to ensure that marketing efforts are sustaining and building company profitability. This position requires a marketing degree and potentially an MBA for some companies, and a number of years of experience in marketing. The CMO reports directly to the company's chief executive officer, and may earn upwards of to hundred thousand per annum with benefits and pension.

Graphic Designer

For those who studied both marketing and graphic design or illustration, graphic designers may be employed by one company or launch freelance careers. Skillful graphic designers may command fifty thousand or better per year starting out, and for those with a keen eye for a range of experience and travel, a career as an entrepreneurial graphic designer will provide plenty of scope for global opportunity and a variety of artistic experiences.

Market Research Analyst

The market research analyst is responsible for studying market trends, analyzing marketing techniques that boost profitability, compiling statistics and data to utilize in formulating appropriate marketing strategies, and making suggestions to keep the company competitive with others of its type. This position requires at minimum a bachelor's degree in marketing, mathematics or statistics, and some supervisory positions may require an MBA or other advanced degree.

Market research analysts may expect a salary of sixty thousand or more per annum, with income advancement for long-term market research analysts. This is among a few positions in marketing that involve very little facing with the general public.

The field of marketing offers a versatile range of lucrative career opportunities for every personality and specialization. For those with degrees in marketing and a good mind for diligence and skill development, one of these high-paying positions may be well within reach.

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