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The future of our environment, green living, and how to sustain the planet has long been a matter of great debate. As problems and the need for solutions arise, companies look to professionals with master’s degrees in sustainability practices. An MBA in sustainable management is one of the fastest growing specializations, and graduates from these programs earn far higher salaries than with a bachelor’s alone.

Green MBA programs online are available to those who want to work, raise a family, or otherwise can’t relocate to a campus. Some online sustainability degrees are considered low-residency, meaning there are periodic required residencies on-campus.

In determining the order of this ranking, we awarded points based on:

  • An industry-relevant curriculum that makes it a top green MBA program online (1-5 points)
  • Quality of MBA in sustainability online classroom portal and resources (1-5 points)
  • The expertise of faculty for the online MBA in energy and sustainability (1-4 points)
  • Networking opportunities with alumni of the MBA in sustainability, or other career prospects  (1-5 points)
  • The flexibility of the online green MBA degree track (1-4 points)
  • Accolades for the online sustainability MBA, in particular from academic publications, graduates, or other esteemed figures in the renewable energy field. (1-5 points)
  • An additional point was awarded for stand-out features that made it a best MBA in sustainability online

As affordability is always an important factor, the school with the lower net price appears higher in the ranking In the event of a tie in points.

Tuition data was sourced from the official website of each respective college.

The following list of ranked colleges represents the best 25 MBA programs in sustainability online.

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Featured Online Schools

#10 – Northeastern University

Online MBA Sustainability Concentration

Program Website

Points: 28
Program Tuition: $1,600 per-credit-hour

One of the most respected names in academics, Northeastern University has both on-campus and distance-learning opportunities. NU’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is home to an online MBA with multiple concentration options; among these options includes sustainability, a degree path that incorporates sustainability and the economics of markets, leadership, business environment, and supply chain management. Northeastern boasts the best in online classroom technology, providing an engaging and user-friendly interface.

#9 – University of Massachusetts – Boston

Online MBA in Environmental Management

Program Website

Points: 28
Program Tuition: $1,100 per-credit-hour

Widely recognized for its competitive academics, University of Massachusetts Boston is a progressive learning community. UMass Boston’s online MBA includes a specialization option in environmental management; this program ideal for green students looking for a strong business foundation. This top online MBA covers field areas such as clean energy, global warming, energy economics, environmental law and policy, and core curriculum in business. UMass allows MBA students to select one or a blend of several specializations; this is among the stand-out flexible features of this program, as it ushers versatility in field knowledge.

#8 – Antioch University

MBA Online Degree in Sustainability

Program Website

Points: 28
Program Tuition: $900 per-credit-hour

Based in New Hampshire, Antioch University is a progressive and student-centric liberal arts school. Antioch has an online MBA in sustainability, a rigorous degree program that can be completed in eighteen months. Antioch’s MBA in  environmental sustainability online follows a three-word bottom line, “people, planet, and profit; this curriculum guideline reflects coursework in sustainability concepts, efficiency in a global economy, and a commitment to social justice. Antioch’s virtual classrooms are user-friendly, and multiple scholarships are available to qualified students.

#7 –UCLA Anderson School of Management

Online MBA in Sustainability

Program Website

Points: 29
Program Tuition: $930 per-credit-hour

A name with a stellar reputation, UCLA Anderson School of Management is one of many divisions in the University of California Los Angeles system. UCLA Anderson is unusually flexible in its degree paths, with virtually any format to select from. This college’s online MBA has a top-notch sustainability track; this program provides outstanding field opportunities, with multiple individual or group projects to explore. UCLA’s online sustainable management MBA values individuality, diversity, and a student-centered learning approach. UCLA attracts high-achieving faculty with versatile knowledge to impart on its graduates.

#6 – Euclid University

Online MBA in Sustainable Development

Program Website

Points: 29
Program Tuition: $125 per-credit-hour

Consisting of an international group of institutions, Euclid University is a unique academic opportunity. Euclid’s online MBA in sustainable development, highly-acclaimed by global leaders, is the only sustainability MBA designed by an international intergovernmental organization; this broad-minded program prepares students for an increasingly expansive industry. Euclid alumni have gone on to successful careers in government settings, international agencies, global advocacy organizations, and much more. Euclid has earned the respect of field leaders and fellow academic institutions.

#5 – Bard College

Online MBA with Sustainability (Hybrid)

Program Website

Points: 30
Program Tuition: $1,000 per-credit-hour

One of the most prestigious institutions, Bard College is a highly selective school with top academics. Bard has a low-residency hybrid online MBA in sustainability, a degree that requires four-day in-person residencies over the two-year program. Bard’s sustainability MBA residencies are on the New York City campus, where students are given access to some of the most respected leaders in the field. For added flexibility, Bard offers both full-time and part-time online MBA programs in sustainability; interested students are encouraged to consider their workload capacity before selecting a program.

#4 –Franklin Pierce University

Online MBA Degree in Energy and Sustainability

Program Website

Points: 30
Program Tuition: $665 per-credit-hour

Founded in 1962, Franklin Pierce University is a non-profit school with a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. This top college has an affordable MBA in sustainability online, a graduate degree program that is flexible and comprehensive. Online energy and sustainability MBA students are given the business, finance, and resource management curriculum to get ahead in the field; this program is designed for working professionals who need the degree flexibility to continue working while in school. Franklin Pierce’s sustainability MBA online is developed with the energy and sustainability MBA advisory board, ensuring reflection of current trends and field innovations.

#3 – University of North Carolina

Online MBA in Sustainability

Program Website

Points: 30
Program Tuition: $1,800 per-credit-hour

A globally-renowned institution, University of North Carolina is made of numerous divisions offering specialized study. Among UNC’s competitive divisions is the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, home to an online MBA in sustainability; this MBA in sustainable enterprise MBA online offers coursework in strategic innovations, sustainable operations, impact investing, renewable energy product development, business, and much more. In addition to scholar-level faculty, UNC’s top MBA in sustainability has received accolades and high rankings from respected experts in the field.

#2 – Anaheim University

MBA in Global Sustainability Online

Program Website

Points: 31
Program Tuition: $375 per-credit-hour

Known as “A Sustainable University”, Anaheim U is a highly affordable, excellent education option. AU’s online MBA in sustainability has earned high rankings from experts in the field; this innovative online sustainability master’s includes six courses in business administration, four “green” courses in sustainable management, and two electives in international business or entrepreneurship. Anaheim’s accelerated online MBA is led by doctorate faculty of a wide range of field expertise. Students emerge from the green MBA online with expanded perspective, confidence in management, and more informed career goals. Anaheim has excellent connections with a wide range of companies and industry.

#1 – Green Mountain College

Online MBA in Sustainability

Program Website

Points: 32
Program Tuition: $825 per-credit-hour

A hub of eco-conscious academics, Green Mountain College is revered for its enviro-centric curriculum, high post-graduation employment rate, and outstanding faculty. GMC has a sustainable MBA online, a distance-learning program that has earned accolades from Princeton Review, U.S. News and World Report, and Sierra magazine. Green Mountain’s online sustainability MBA is the first in the nation, reflecting the expertise of respected leaders in the field. Online sustainable MBA students complete 37 credits and are required one on-campus residency per year; among the MBA online curriculum includes sustainability organization management, stakeholder economics, sustainable operations, ethical issues, among many others.

The preceding list of ranked colleges represents the best online MBA programs in sustainability.


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