Five High-Paying Green Jobs

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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High-Paying Green Jobs

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Hydrologist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Meteorologist
  • Environmental Lawyer

Gone are the days where an environmentalist had to make a vow of poverty before starting his career. Top companies such as Google and General Motors have created lucrative positions for those who want to work as environmental advocates. They are making rooms for people with titles such as chief environmental officer, environmental engineer or sustainability champion. Here are top five high-paying green jobs you should consider.

Environmental Scientist

An environmental scientist researches ways to protect the environment from pollution and misuse. He collects and analyzes soil, food, water or biological samples to come up with a comprehensive report regarding the impact of human activities on the environment. He proposes solutions to the potential problems facing the environment. Most of the scientists are tasked with designing strategies and coming up with different mechanisms to restore polluted bodies. Others prepare reports and presentations to explain their findings to the government, stakeholders and the public. An environmental scientist earns an average salary of $67,460 per year. The minimum entry level is a bachelor’s degree. The job growth rate is expected to hit 11 percent by 2024.


A hydrologist uses his expertise to solve problems regarding water quality and availability. He measures the amount of toxins in water and other properties that might reduce its quality. He collects the samples and takes them to an equipped laboratory for full analysis. A modern day hydrologist uses computer models to forecast future water supplies and identify possible factors that can cause pollution. He also prepares reports and presentations of his research findings. Most hydrologists work in the field, collecting samples and analyzing them on-site. A hydrologist earns an average salary of $79,550 per year. The minimum entry level is a bachelor’s degree. The employment rate is projected to grow by 7 percent in the next 10 years.

Environmental Engineer

An environmental engineer helps his clients to carry out their duties without causing a negative impact on the environment. He helps them understand the basic procedures that minimize the emission of carbon and other toxic substances to the atmosphere. He also helps the clients to know how their projects can cause pollution and harm wildlife. An environmental engineer earns a basic salary of $84,560 per year. The expected growth rate in employment opportunities in the next 10 years is 12 percent, which is faster than average.


A meteorologist studies the weather, prepares a report and presents it to the industry or public. He records the total amount of rainfall and wind speeds on a daily basis. Sometimes he calculates a wide range of variables and determines how they have changed over a given period of time, such as hundred years. Most of them work in national weather stations and help predict the daily weather changes. A meteorologist goes home with an average of $89,820 per year. This translates to $43.18 per hour. The minimum entry level for this career is a bachelor’s degree. The rate of employment is expected to grow by 9 percent over the next 10 years.

Environmental Lawyer

An environmental attorney receives a law degree but chooses to major on matters to do with the environment. He can work with groups or government organizations to handle legal matters regarding violations of environmental codes. The lawyer can also represent companies that need to comply with environmental regulations set by protection agencies in a given area. The average salary of an environmental lawyer per year is $115,820. This translates to $55.69 per hour. According to Forbes, the demand for services in environmental law is expected to increase significantly. Analysts predict a 6-percent job growth rate by 2024.

There are huge prospects in the green industry. Most of high-paying green jobs require at least a bachelor's degree to qualify. Consider these careers and be among the highest-paid environmentalists in the country.

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