What is a Green MBA?

Updated November 8, 2022 · 2 Min Read

A ranking of the best MBA programs in sustainability. Programs ranked by affordability, flexibility, and academic quality.

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What is a Green MBA?

In today’s world, environmentally and socially sustainable policies have become ever more important for both large and small businesses, making holders of a Green MBA an increasingly important component of modern business establishments. From complying with various environmental regulations to developing policies to allow the company to prosper in an increasingly diverse world, businesses are finding that having individuals skilled in sustainable development policies is a requirement to effectively meet the challenges of the 21st century.

What is a Sustainable MBA?

Like all MBAs, a green or sustainable MBA is designed to educate the student in how to effectively manage a business in such a way as to ensure that it is both profitable and customer friendly. However, sustainable MBAs also focus on developing socially and environmentally sustainable management policies. For example, the manager may be required to develop plans to reduce his or her company’s environmental footprint at new or currently existing facilities. In other cases, the manager might help develop sustainable personnel management policies, such as ensuring that the workforce remains diverse and is thus able to effectively interact with a customer base that itself is becoming more diverse.

Why is a Green MBA Important?

The fact is the environmentally sustainable policies are becoming a vital part of any realistic business plan. A growing number of national, state and local jurisdictions are demanding that businesses adhere to a growing range of environmental regulations, and failing to do so can see the company penalized in a variety of ways. Public opinion has also started to turn against companies that do not appear to be embracing environmentally and socially sustainable policies, which can lead to reputational damage to the company. Conversely, businesses that are seen as embracing green policies have seen their popularity and business share increase. In many cases, embracing sustainable policies can benefit the company’s bottom line and reputation alike, such as when a business installs solar panels to reduce its environmental footprint as well as its utility bills.

Because of this, individuals graduating with a sustainable MBA degree have found an increasing demand for their services. More importantly, because this is a relatively new specialization, a lack of seniority or experience is not as damaging it might be in more traditional fields, opening up the possibility of swift professional advancement for new managers. This is especially true for those individuals seeking employment with multinational corporations, due to the growing focus on sustainable growth and environmental regulation in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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Obtaining a sustainable MBA

A number of universities currently offer sustainable MBA concentrations. These programs, in addition to the traditional courses MBA programs offer, will include the following areas of study:

● Management and sustainable growth policies.

● Workplace diversity and management.

● Environmental law, regulations and business policies.

In addition, individuals may also minor in environmental studies or environmental law in order to obtain greater experience in this field. Individuals who are considering obtaining a sustainable MBA should consult with their academic advisors in order to determine what their best course plan would be in order to prepare for a sustainable MBA program.

Ultimately, obtaining a sustainable MBA can be an excellent choice for individuals seeking to enter today’s management sector. By focusing on a swiftly growing area of interest for both the private sector and the government, a holder of a Green MBA can be assured of enjoying a professionally, financially and personally rewarding career in the field of sustainable business administration.

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