Five Hot Jobs for Master's in Organizational Leadership

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Master's in Organizational Leadership Jobs

  • Director of Talent Development
  • Executive Coach
  • School Principal
  • Sales Manager
  • Public Health Administrator

Trust in leadership is one of the most important components of employee engagement. In fact, a recent study found that 79 percent of engaged employees report confidence and trust in the company's leadership and management practices. Similarly, 75 percent of employees site a lack of trust in their management as the primary reason for leaving a company.

With this recent data, there has been increasing concern with developing the next generation of leaders and many students are choosing to pursue advanced degrees in this area. A Master's in Organizational Leadership is proving a popular choice among students looking to advance their careers and serve in a leadership capacity. Here are five jobs you could land after earning this degree:

Director of Talent Development

This role oversees all talent development initiatives within a company. They ensure the right people are hired, trained, and have a clear pathway for progression within the company. They might also oversee the performance review process, employee engagement and wellness initiatives, and set human capital goals. Your educational background will prepare you to effectively manage people processes and create strategies that will move your organization forward.

Executive Coach

This role focuses on coaching top executives and providing the support and guidance they need to successfully lead their teams. As a coach, you might meet regularly with a client to provide direction, focus, and goal-setting and help them exercise their strengths while recognizing weaknesses. As a coach, you'll be responsible for helping them reach their own conclusions so they are able to function well independently.

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School Principal

The Master's in Organizational Leadership will set you up perfectly for a career in educational administration. You will be well equipped to manage both people and operations and maintain a safe learning environment for students of all ages. The degree will prepare you for managing conflict and motivating others which are extremely transitional skills in the educational community.

Sales Manager

The sales manager is a very important role for many companies. Sales is the main revenue generating department, so as a manager you'll be responsible for guiding the group to record performance levels. The degree in Organizational Leadership will prepare you to gain the respect needed to novitiate others to perform. You'll enjoy motivating your team and finding ways to reach established goals.

Public Health Administrator

The healthcare sector is in constant need of new ideas and ways to maintain costs without sacrificing quality of care. An advanced degree in Organizational Leadership transitions nicely into a leadership role within the healthcare industry. You'll be able to impact the bottom line while helping motivate the clinicians that help improve health and wellness across the globe. It's a rewarding and lucrative career and you'll put your education to good use!

These are just a few of the many hot jobs on the market for students graduating with a degree in Organizational Leadership. The degree offers insight into the inner workings of a business and the course work is very relevant and applicable to almost any business community. The degree is well worth the time and investment and you'll enjoy enhancing your own leadership skills while impacting the health of an organization.

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