What Is Organizational Leadership?

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What Is Organizational Leadership?


Organizational leadership (OL) is a field of work that includes setting goals for both individuals and groups of people. This field of work may include working on large projects with businesses and corporations, and even smaller projects with groups of people who share similar outlooks. Individuals looking to become involved in this field will need to be organized and vision oriented. The ability to see both the small and big picture is necessary. Additionally, it takes someone who can meet the needs of many different types of people who are working together towards a goal.

As A Career

Currently, OL is a degree program at many accredited universities across the globe. People who obtain a degree in OL will likely find themselves working for businesses and programs. The skills one learns in this type of program are transferrable to many different fields of work within a company or business. Here are some examples:

Organization Management: This job involves leading other team members and discovering ways to influence large and small groups of people. When a company faces adversary, an organizational manager will be able to use their skills in order to steer their company in the right direction. Other group members may become less motivated and may question their future within the company. As an organizational manager, one is able take the emotional reigns of their company in order to create a brighter future, implementing plans and acting on them in order to improve company morale. Thus, this career involves management, organizational, and personnel skills all together.

Human Resource Manager: This job includes leading administrative staff and overseeing the work of other leaders within a company. Human resources is a prominent sector in nearly every field of work including the food industry, retail markets, education sector, and entrepreneurship. As a human resource manager you will, in essence, be a resource for individuals who seek more information about the company. This job also entails finding new employees and setting standards for the company’s work force. Organization and management skills are of utmost importance.

Training Manager: As a training manager, your main focus will be training new employees and using training data to improve the development of a business. You might be hired with a set training program already in place. However, as you continuously implement this program, you may notice trends that have negatively affected the company. Perhaps new employees are not directly transferring the skills they learn in training seminars once they’re actually in the field. You will use this data in order to find better adjustments and modifications to the training program.


All and all, organizational leadership is a field of work that involves setting goals, overseeing staff, creating a vision, working well with others, and above all being a leader. Organizational leaders will likely see themselves in a management position within a company. As a matter of fact, there are many different types of jobs one can land with a degree in OL. Check out this website for a complete list of management positions: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/target=”_blank”. Organizational leadership can be a rewarding field to get involved with, and it certainly helps build leaders for tomorrow’s world.

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