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As the world continues to become globalized, this presents many complexities to organizational leaders, from business strategy to HR management. Many professionals, understandably, have a hard time trying to catch up to such rapid change. A master’s in Organizational Leadership covers all the bases: public and private leadership, analytics, IT, business ethics, HR, organizational optimization, change management, and more. Further, it is a highly dynamic and practical degree, applicable for a wide range of fields. Many seeking the degree are working professionals with tight schedules. Fortunately, there is a number of excellent, affordable, and fast online options, which we’ve whittled down and ranked below. Several of these schools listed below also appear in our best online colleges.

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Since organizations in every sector require leadership, professionals trained in organizational leadership are always in demand. Thanks to the many colleges and universities that now offer a master’s degree in organizational leadership online, even full-time workers can earn their credentials in this lucrative field as a way to advance their careers or begin brand new ones. In this ranking, we explore the top 25 master’s degree organizational leadership online programs. If you are interested in a more general overview of online learning, visit our ranking of online collegesfor more information.

Rating and Ranking Methodology

Cost Per Credit Hour

• Under $250: 3 points
• Under $500: 2 points
• Under $750: 1 point

U.S. News & World Report Recognition: Best Online Master’s Programs
• Top 10 Ranking: 3 points
• Top 20 Ranking: 2 points
• Top 30 Ranking: 1 point

Customization Options

• Content Customizations (e.g. Minors, Concentrations, Specializations, etc.)—1 Point
• Format Customizations (e.g. Hybrid/Online, Full-time/Part-Time, etc.)—1 Point

Wow Factor

• 1 point awarded for each unique feature or program that “wowed” us

After a comprehensive web search, our editors discovered the following accredited colleges and universities offering an online master’s degree in organizational leadership. The rating and ranking methodology above was then applied. In cases of a tie, the most affordable school was awarded the higher ranking.

  • #1 – California Baptist University

    Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

    Points: 6

    California Baptist University’s online master’s degree in organizational leadership program is designed with the needs of working students in mind. This program is offered both completely online and in a hybrid format using the most up-to-date distance learning technology, and courses are primarily asynchronous. This flexibility does not come at the cost of quality. Students are taught the fundamentals of leadership and business, as well as skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. Many online master’s degree organizational leadership students can finish this program in just over a year, though plenty of time is allowed for students who prefer a more relaxed pace.

    Cost Per Credit Hour: $547

  • #2 – Fort Hays University

    Master of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership

    Points: 5

    Fort Hays State University offers two online master’s degree in organizational leadership options: a BS and a BA in Organizational Leadership. These two programs are essentially the same in core content, with the main difference being that the BS keeps a tighter focus on the subject matter, and the BA allows students more freedom to explore other disciplines. Both online master’s degree organizational leadership programs are interdisciplinary enough to apply to a wide range of careers. A heavy emphasis is placed on skills such as interpersonal relations, team building, and problem-solving. These skills are reinforced by the class structure and curriculum.

    Cost Per Credit Hour: $207

  • #3 – Waldorf University

    Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

    Points: 5

    Waldorf University offers a completely online master’s degree in organizational leadership with five different concentrations. Available concentrations include Healthcare Management, Global Leadership, and Diversity and Inclusion. A non-concentration option is also available to students who prefer a more generalized education. All tracks include a strong foundation in organization and leadership basics, as well as professional electives. This program is ideal for working students who need the flexibility of an online program but don’t want to give up quality or customization options.

    Cost Per Credit Hour: $285

  • #4 – Colorado State University Global Campus

    Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

    Points: 5

    Colorado State University Global Campus’s online bachelors degree in organizational leadership is designed to equip busy and far away students with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective leaders. Students study topics such as workplace psychology, conflict resolution, and project management in a flexible, accessible format. This program also allows students to customize their education through almost 20 specialization options, including Emergency Management, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Criminology. master’s degree organizational leadership students can apply this degree to a wide variety positions across many different industries.

    Cost Per Credit Hour: $350

  • #5 – Buena Vista University

    Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

    Points: 5

    Buena Vista University’s online master’s degree in organizational leadership program includes two concentrations: Business and Human Services. The Business track includes courses such as Consumer Behavior, Business Marketing, and Industrial Psychology. Courses offered in the Human Services track include Social Welfare and Policy, Aging in American Society, and Psychology of Gender. Both tracks include courses in social responsibility, communication, and management. Students who graduate from this online master’s organizational leadership program are equipped with the well-rounded, interdisciplinary education necessary to be successful in a wide range of settings.

    Cost Per Credit Hour: $413


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