What Can I do with a Master’s in Education?

Updated April 26, 2021 | Staff Writers

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What Can I do with a Master’s in Education?

A master's in education is a degree that opens a vast number of doors. From the corporate world, to charities and the classroom, the master's in education may, in fact, open more doors than it doesn't. As a result of such duality, this is undoubtedly an excellent degree choice. For those looking for specific examples, however, of the jobs made available by this degree, we have a brief list here. Read on for just a few of the many opportunities awaiting.


One of the first and often most obvious applications of this degree comes to us by way of the professor. This is an excellent job that puts the graduate right back into the classroom, but as the head of the class. Professors work explicitly in colleges and universities and are an extremely influential part of the crafting of the professionals of tomorrow.

School Principal

Elementary, middle, and high school principals are most often required to have a Master's Degree in Education. This is because they essentially head the entirety of their overseen school's operations. From student conduct, to policy-craft and staff management, this professional is the glue that keeps it all together. Additionally, the growth rate of this position is listed at a secure 6% climb.

Non-Profit Administrator

Many non-profits require a variety of professionals that have a master's degree in some area or another. Educational master's-holders are useful in a variety of positions here. One of these is often the lead administrator, or the lead person in charge of the enterprise's operations. If the organization is directly involved with education in particular, this gives even more weight and usefulness to this degree herein.

Director of Education

The job of director of education is a top-tier managerial position that can be had within the public school system as well as the private realm of academia. This person acts much like principal acts over a school, with the exception that the director of education may indeed oversee multiple facilities and endeavors across a notable geographic range. Policy, staff, students, success rates, new laws - these are just a few of the concerns of this top-level overseer.

Instructional Designer

Instructional designers, or coordinators as they are often called, actually work with schools and districts to design courses and curriculums. Most often, these professionals are employed by private organizations, however, and work as the in-between for staff, students, teachers, and upper management so as to create the most suitable school scheduling possible. Those working in this field are expected to see a continued, 7% job demand increase over the coming years (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/education-training-and-library/instructional-coordinators.htm).

HR Specialist, Consultant

HR specialists and consultants are quite often plucked from the pools of education master's-holders every year. This is because their degree has taught them plenty in order to understand people in general as well as institute some quality instruction to the workforce. Such individuals may work strictly in non-education HR matters, or they may be asked to put their instructional skills to use in grooming the workforce to be at its best.

There's really not much that one cannot do with this extremely utilitarian degree choice. The above-mentioned examples of vocations to be had with this degree provide some good illustration, but are extremely limited in proportion to what's really available out there. If you've successfully completed your master's in education, be prepared for a wonderful world of vocational choice ahead.

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