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Bachelor’s in Information Technology Online

Pursuing an online Bachelor’s in Information Technology can give you the tools that you need to be successful in a competitive field. Arguably every industry in the world is defined by its information technology systems, and it doesn’t seem like that trend will slow down any time soon. In fact, the world of computer systems only gets more complicated and intricate as new technologies are created and introduced to the public. There are information technology blogs that will help with the understanding of the updates in the field. Thus the management and security of these systems is a top priority for the success of businesses and organizations across the world from schools, to international agencies, to government agencies. Because IT professionals find themselves on popular career paths working in tremendously diverse environments, the field of IT education is incredibly broad with a high number of specializations, certificates, and degree variations.

Featured Online Bachelors in Information Technology Degree Programs

Many prospective students find the multidisciplinary and non-linear path of information technology to be enticing and are flocking to degree programs that offer both general and specific degree tracks. An online Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology online provides graduates with the specific skill sets to develop a successful career in a field that provides immense job security. In the following list, we explore 25 of the best options for earning a Bachelor of Information Technology online using the methodology listed below. For more general information regarding online learning visit our ranking of the top online colleges.

#25 New Mexico State University

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology


New Mexico State University’s Distance Education programs are best suited for students who may not be able to complete a degree by traditional means. The College of Engineering offers a fully online Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree completion program and is designed for students who already hold an Associate’s degree in a computer and technology-related field or students who have completed both their freshman and sophomore years in a technology related field from a four-year institution. Students entering the program must have a minimum of 62 general education required credit hours and will complete the program with 120 credits. NMSU utilizes cutting-edge distance education technologies, including Interactive Television, and the curriculum addresses the study of computer hardware, application and operating systems software, system integration, database design and management, networking, and network security.
Tuition: $21,310

#24 Northwest University

Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology


Unlike other degree tracks on this list, Northwest University’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology is a part of the school of Business and prepares students for business and management careers within the IT field. This program might be best suited for students with Christian values who desire to learn how to implement their personal beliefs into the professional world. The asynchronous 120-credit curriculum teaches students a holistic view of business and the skills necessary to be a successful member of a team. Courses include Business Law, Information Systems Design, Computer Programming, and Online Business Technologies.
Tuition: $30,320

#23 Keiser University

Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management


Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management is a completion program for graduates of associate of science programs in computer-related fields. It prepares computer technicians as information technology professionals, supervisors or managers.
The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its objectives.
· To educate students in basic business principles applicable to information technology management;
· To increase knowledge of the business side of technology by learning and applying customer-centered problem analysis, design and implementation;
· To develop written and oral communication skills necessary for a successful management career.
Tuition: $21,008

#22 Georgia Southern University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


A well-respected university housing over 27,000 in all 50 states and over 100 nations, Georgia Southern has designed flexible, online programs that are only one click away from today’s modern, busy, or military student. The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology at Georgia Southern University offers a fully online Bachelor’s degree in information technology. Students in this program will use cutting-edge technologies to design, develop, configure, integrate, and support IT-based systems. After completing general education requirements, students will study and master key concepts in the IT field including data science, web and mobile development, security, or networking and data center management. The curriculum is designed to promote teamwork and communication skills, as mirrored in the real-world industry, and students will complete a culminating capstone project their senior year. Graduates of the program have been hired by top companies as network engineers, data analysts, security specialists, IT consultants, and high-level IT managers.
Tuition: $17,142

#21 Liberty University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Application and Database Development


Points: 6

A fully accredited Christian college located in Virginia, Liberty University offers a 100% online Bachelor’s degree in IT with a focus in Application and Database Development. Liberty University has been crafting and shaping their distance learning model for over 30 years and is ranked in the top 1% of online schools and universities for affordability, accessibility, and academic quality. The online BS degree in IT is designed to teach students the necessary skills to understand how to program and design consumer and business technology applications. Potential career fields include Application Designer, Database Administrator, Database Analyst, and Software Programmer. With an 8 week format and 8 start dates per year, students have no set login times and will be successful with the help of online technical and educational support, and online library, writing centers, and study aides. Tuition discounts are available for military service members and emergency response personnel.
Tuition: $21,310

#20 Florida International University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology


Florida International University’s online school provides a convenient, flexible, and affordable approach to distance learning. While the School of Computing and information Sciences offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology, it is only offered as a second degree. This path is best suited for a student who is currently pursuing another degree or already holds a Bachelor’s degree and is looking to sharpen their IT skills. Students can access classes anytime anywhere and can choose between Fall, Spring, or Summer start times. Core course topics include computer networking, operating systems website construction and management, network security, and mobile app development.
Tuition: $18,954

#19 Monroe College

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


Students enrolled in Monroe College’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems can complete schoolwork anytime anywhere and can choose between 7.5-week classes or 15-week classes. Monroe College’s online program is designed with flexibility to accommodate today’s busy distance learner. Because the faculty is also still working in the respective fields they teach, students gain a unique and practical perspective on real-life issues they might encounter in their post-graduate careers. The degree offered by the School of Information Technology prepares students in four core areas: technical skills, business skills, industry experience, and certifications. By learning tangible and practical skills in the ever-evolving IT field, students can confidently enter the workforce as systems engineers, data analysts, IT business analysts, database administrators, and project managers. Students can expect course topics to include Emerging Technologies, Wireless Technology, Cisco Basic Routing, and Programming Logic.
Tuition: $14,976

#18 Old Dominion University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems and Technology Online


Old Dominion University has been utilizing distance education for over 30 years, which could be a prominent factor in the impressive 97% student satisfaction rate. While some online courses are accelerated, most follow the same semester schedule as classes taught on campus. Students can expect to have a blend of synchronous and asynchronous courses, so this Bachelor’s degree online at ODU might be better suited for the student with a predictable schedule. The curriculum blends necessary and leading-edge technology skills (like software engineering, systems analysis, and e-business) with other aspects of business including accounting, international business, finance, and management. This degree would be the best fit for the distance learner who desires to have knowledge in both information systems and business. Students interested in seeking a higher degree such as an MBA can enroll in the MBA early entry program and begin earning credits towards a Master’s degree while simultaneously completing an undergraduate degree. The Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences believes that “the success of any business depends on the quality of its information systems and the professionals who develop, analyze, and maintain them.” The program at ODU strives to do just that.
Tuition: $27,900

#17 Peirce College

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Online


Peirce College’s Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology online prepares students for long-term success in the IT field and offers 2 concentrations: Networking, Administration and Information Security and Programming and Application Development. The first specialization is a 121 credit curriculum that teaches career-oriented skills in areas like designing, integrating and implementing the hardware, software, and security critical to the IT field. The latter concentration focuses more on the higher-level application development in the .NET environment. Students can complete their degree 100% online, in a combined hybrid model, or in a new Competency-Based online education. With any educational path, however, Peirce College is dedicated to a flexible, rigorous program that leads students to a rewarding and fulfilling career.
Tuition: $15,060

#16 University of the Cumberlands

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


According to the US Department of Labor, the IT industry is projected to have faster-than-average employment growth, translating to almost 4 million more IT related jobs before 2024. Because of this growth, the University of the Cumberlands is dedicated to creating an online IT curriculum that prepares graduates to enter career fields such as computer and information research scientists, computer network architects, computer programmers, and support specialists, systems analysts, database administrators and software and web developers. In this online Bachelor’s degree in IT, students first complete 36 hours of common core courses, and then move on to one of 4 concentrations: Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Management, or Software Engineering. For distance learners seeking to continue their education after graduation, the University of the Cumberlands might be a great option, as it offers 6 Master’s Degree options and 2 Doctorate degree options in the IT field. Impressively, the University of the Cumberlands is one of just one 200 schools to be named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Tuition: $23,000

#15 University of Wisconsin-Stout

Online Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technologies


The University of Wisconsin-Stout offers a 120 credit online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program that allows students the flexibility to choose a track that meets their learning and professional goals. With fall, spring, and summer course start dates, distance learners are sure to excel with support from student services coordinators and distance librarians. UW-Stout’s diverse curriculum for this program includes topics such as Business and Leadership Development, Systems Analysis and Design, Cyber Security, Web Development, and Photography and Video. Students will dive deeper into industry standard practices through co-op internships and have 5 online minor options available including Computer Networking Systems and Design, Enterprise Technology, Project Management, Web Technology, and Information Security Management. Students also have the opportunity to earn valuable industry certifications, which are sure to set students up for success post-graduation.
Tuition: $17,423

#14 California Baptist University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology


California Baptist University Online, impressively ranked #23 in the US News and World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s programs, strategically designed their programs with the working professional in mind. These programs might be a great fit for the non-traditional Christian student looking for a flexible and possibly accelerated degree that utilizes a faith-based curriculum prepared for the working adult. Students at CBU can expect individual advisors, Christian faculty, the use of the latest technologies in distance education, and a cost-effective education. The online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology degree program equips students with the skills necessary to succeed in the ever-growing and changing world of IT and only takes about 16 months to complete. Course topics include education in the following areas: Internet applications, databases, and networking applications to programming, project management, and computer security. At the end of the program, students will be equipped to handle and address computer systems issues in a global context, while utilizing spiritual ethical standards in the world of information technology.
Tuition: $32,256

#13 University of Massachusetts Lowell

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


The University of Massachusetts is a nationally ranked university with an impressive number of rankings, recognized for its affordability, flexibility, and quality of education. UMass Lowell offers an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology where students can expect outstanding faculty who hold doctoral degrees and at least a decade of experience in education. Unlike many online options, students at UMass will build the instructor-student relationship through consistent one-on-one sessions with faculty. The Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology is offered 100% online or is one of the few hybrid programs that combines distance learning and face-to-face classes. The program values interconnectedness and social learning by providing virtual learning environments where students collaborate and hold discussions in real-time. Courses include Project-based Information Systems, Network Security, and Computer Ethics.
Tuition: $31,655

#12 American Intercontinental University

Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology


American Intercontinental University offers a Bachelor’s degree in IT online and has designed its programs to fit the busy adult’s schedule. Not only can students access their courses anytime from anywhere, but they can also read, listen to, or watch course content depending on each student’s learning style. AIU’s goal is to provide applicable, real-world information technology knowledge to propel students into a dynamic career in the thriving world of IT. In addition, students will learn how to collaborate in a group setting, manage IT projects, and process industry-relevant content. Courses include Network Infrastructure Basics, Introduction to Operating Systems, Computer Interfaces, and Mobile Technology. Experienced faculty teach the dynamic 180 credit curriculum and prepare students to graduate with a competitive edge.
Tuition: $10,992

#11 Bellevue University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


Bellevue University’s eLearning programs are designed with today’s busy working adults in mind and provide a flexible, supportive learning environment for students to access their classes anywhere they have a viable internet connection. While BU’s online graduates earn the same exact degree as on-campus graduates, the degree programs continuously receive feedback from area businesses to ensure that students are gaining the real-world skills necessary to be successful in their respective careers. As an online student, you will have 24/7 access to both technical support and library resources. The online Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology provides the fundamental skills needed to enter the IT world such as Network Security, Routing and Configuration, Servers and Data Storage, and Cloud Computing. Course topics for this degree track include Computer Hardware and Software Management, Microsoft Operating System Management, and Ethics for IT Professionals. This curriculum not only helps distance learners gain confidence in their IT skills but also prepares them to take necessary certification exams. While earning an online Bachelor’s degree in IT at Bellevue University, students will integrate hands-on, applied learning with theory and industry best practices in order to propel them into successful, thriving careers.
Tuition: $7,752

#10 University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


With impressive college rankings and accolades, the University of Cincinnati’s nationally renowned faculty and high-quality online education allows students to create a flexible academic path that prepares the modern distance learner for success in their respective careers. The online Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at UC desires to “empower individuals to become passionate, solution‐minded Information Technology professionals by fostering: continuous innovation, research, leadership development, interdisciplinary problem solving, and real‐world experience.” While the School of Information Technology offers a variety of programs including undergraduate degrees, certificates, and accelerated graduate combinations, the most popular program is the undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. The curriculum provides a broad foundation of IT skills like database management and software application development, then students can choose between 4 specialized tracks for the degree: Networking and Systems, Game Development and Simulation, Software Application Development, and Cybersecurity.
Tuition: $27,334

#9 University of Nebraska Omaha

Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies Online in Information Technology


The University of Nebraska’s key to success is honoring each student as an individual with unique and diverse talents to bring to today’s society. Distance learners at UNO can work anytime and anywhere to accommodate a busy lifestyle. The same professors who teach on campus also teach the online courses, and students will have the necessary tools like advisors and access to the online library in order to be successful. UNO’s Division of Continuing Studies offers a BMS degree in Information Technology online that prepares students to master the basic technology and computer skills desired by employers in various fields. In the 120 credit degree program, students will develop skills in programming, data management, and networking and be confident beginning careers in fields of software design, technical writing, systems development, database administration, and web design. Course topics include Managing the Database Environment, Programming on the Internet, Organizations, Applications and Technology, and Project Management.
Tuition: $20,320

#8 Herzing University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


Herzing University, a private, nonprofit institution, has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a “top online bachelor’s program” for the sixth consecutive year. When Herzing University launched its eLearning education sector, they strove to create programs that are just as personalized and career-focused as their on-campus courses. Herzing University offers a general online Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Data Analytics. While the first degree focuses more on infrastructure, the second trains students more in the field of business systems design and project management. Both degree tracks, however, provide a foundation for students to prepare for 10-13 industry standard IT certifications. The Bachelor’s degree program is 9 total semesters, and full-time students can earn their degree in only 3 years. This specific degree stands out from others because students who desire to continue into higher education have the opportunity to earn up to 12 graduate credits while earning a Bachelor’s degree, saving the student both time and money.
Tuition: $14,200

#7 Western Kentucky University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology Online


Western Kentucky University’s mission is to “prepare students of all backgrounds to be productive, engaged, and socially responsible citizen-leaders of a global society.” WKU offers over 50 online degrees, one being a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology online. One positive perk that makes WKU stand out from other colleges offering online courses is its immense program flexibility to accommodate today’s modern learner. Students can enroll and begin classes any day of the year and can complete them in 7 weeks or in up to 9 months. In the 120 credit curriculum program, students will learn to efficiently transmit, store, and analyze technological information. Courses like Systems Administration and Technology Management will propel students into careers as a computer programmer, information security analyst, or software developer. While there are no specific minors offered in the IT field, WKU does provide opportunities for students to obtain important certificates like Organizational Leadership, Manufacturing Processing and Technology, and Six Sigma and Quality. These certification programs can help direct students into more specialized fields of computer science technologies and could help graduates stand-out to prospective employers.
Tuition: $25,512

#6 Regent University

Online B.S. in Information Systems Technology with a General Concentration


Regent University has an impressive list of accolades including #1 Best Online Bachelor’s Program in Virginia, an “A” rating from ACTA, a top Military College, and one of the most affordable Christian colleges. RU specializes in online learning degree options, and among these is the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology, which can be taken fully online or as a hybrid model. Information systems refers to the field where professionals deploy technology and the management of that information to achieve an organization’s stated mission, values, and goals. IT professionals strive to ensure that the technology functions are designed well and are working securely, reliably, and efficiently. Regent’s program combines these two fields in a broad and theoretical-based curriculum. The program is also unique in that it employs the Christian philosophy both in coursework and in the interpersonal connections developed in the program. Regent University also provides online tutoring services, online access to weekly chapel, and assistance for career services. Post graduation, students will be prepared for careers in network or systems administration, computer programming, software engineering, and web development.
Tuition: $17,288

#5 Penn State World Campus

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology


Penn State University’s World Campus, a nationally recognized and academically rigorous distance education system, is a leader among an emerging group of higher education schools known as i-schools, or information schools. While PSU’s online degree programs are the exact same content as face-to-face classes, students can expect to obtain a fully supported online education including benefits like new student orientation, academic advising, career counseling resources, a research library, technical support, and tutorials. Ranked in the top 10 of online Bachelor’s degrees by US News and World Report, Penn State World Campus offers an online Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology with two customization options. The Integration and Application option teaches students how technology impacts the larger world and develops the skills necessary to analyze, solve, and evaluate problems and outcomes within the IT field. The Information Systems Design and Development track focuses more on developing software, troubleshooting existing technology, and solving complex challenges. In addition, students can earn an Associate’s degree or pertinent industry certificates to help build a specific career best suited for each student. The goal of the program is to prepare students for IT’s fastest growing sectors in healthcare information, government cybersecurity, financial services systems, and education technology. In the 125 credit curriculum, courses include Organization of Data, Networking, and Telecommunications, and Introduction to Programming.
Tuition: $13,988

#4 Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


The field of information technology is vast and complex, and so schools employ different strategies in order to best prepare students for a constantly evolving field. Colorado Tech University’s strategy involves delivering a broad and diverse foundation of coursework and then allowing students the opportunity of choosing their own areas of specialization. CTU offers over 7 specialization options so students can build an experiential background suited for their personal career goals including general IT, Data Management, Network Management, Security, Software Application Programming, Software Systems Engineering, and Web Development. The program is also highly flexible and offers student 8 start dates and flexible course loads to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Online learners have access to award-winning student platforms, a personal career mentor, and next-generation technology tools.
Tuition: $11,689

#3 Granite State College

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online


As one of the most affordable colleges on this list and impressively ranked in the top 75 of all online Bachelor’s degree programs by the US and New World Report, Granite State College strives to help students successfully balance family life, work life, community obligations, and school. GSC’s dedicated faculty desires to partner with students to help them become successful in all of these important life areas. Because 84% of the study body has transferred in, Granite State College specializes in transfer credits and would be the perfect fit for a student who has already started their education and is seeking to transfer. Located in New Hampshire, Granite State College offers both fully online and blended education models. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology online degree builds a foundation in programming, network systems, systems analysis, and software tools. In this 120 credit degree program, courses include Advanced Software Tools, Computer and Network Systems, Statistics, Systems Analysis and Design. Distance learners have access to virtual support and have the opportunity to obtain a minor in related fields of Digital Communication and Social Media, Management, and Marketing.
Tuition: $8,505

#2 American Public University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


As the most affordable university on this list, American Public University has been recognized by the US News and World Report as one of the top online schools for Bachelor’s degrees since 2013. American Public University designed its asynchronous, cutting-edge IT degree program online in partnership with industry advisory councils to ensure that students have the opportunity to master industry-standard tools and gain the proper knowledge to be successful in post-graduate careers like web developers, web publishers, database designers, and IT managers. APU offers an impressive number of specific concentrations in order to provide students with a more focused education. The concentrations include Ecommerce, general IT, Mobile Computing, .net Web Development, and Programming. One benefit to note is that active duty and veteran servicemembers, their spouses, and their dependents receive both tuition grants and technology fees waived.
Tuition: $6,880

#1 Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Arizona State University is a school of impressive academic prestige and national acclaim. The university is ranked “1st in qualified graduates in Arizona” and “5th in qualified graduates in the nation.” U.S. News & World Report also ranked the school as the #4 online undergraduate degree programs in the nation. The foremost hallmark of this innovation is the university’s online component, which houses a wide array of online learning options from certificates to Master’s degrees. Among these is the ASU School of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Information Technology online program.

This degree track is perfect for the learner desiring to implement and administer computer-based informations solutions. The program trains students in network architectures, teaches students how to configure and administer complex web-based database systems, and creates effective websites and design process interactive media solutions. Courses include Introduction to Internet Networking, Foundations of Information and Computer System Security, and Wireless Networking. Students may also choose from one of these three specialization tracks: networking and security, information management, or enterprise computing. In the last two semesters of the 40 class program, students will develop and demonstrate a project-based solution to an IT-centric challenge. One impressive perk of an online education at ASU is that students are not charged out of state tuition.
Tuition: $10,792

Rating and Ranking Methodology
Tuition Points:

  • Under $30,000–1 point
  • Under $25,000–2 points
  • Under $20,000–3 points
  • Under $15,000–4 points
  • Under $12,500–5 points
  • Under $10,000–6 points
  • Under $8,000–7 points

US News and World Report Recognition as a Top Online School for Bachelor’s Degrees:

  • Top 200—1 points
  • Top 150—2 points
  • Top 100—3 points
  • Top 75—4 points
  • Top 50—5 points
  • Top 25—6 points
  • Top 10–7 points

Customization Options:

  • Format Customizations (e.g. Hybrid/Online, Full-time/Part-Time, Accelerated, Degree Completion, etc.) 1 Point Per Customization Option
  • Content Customizations (e.g. Minors, Concentrations, Specializations, etc.) 1 Point Per Customization Option (5-point cap)

Wow Factor:

  • 1 point awarded for each unique feature or program that “wowed”  us

Ranking the Top Bachelor’s in Information Technology Online

To compile this ranking, our editors began with an initial pool of over 50 online Bachelor’s Degrees in Information Technology programs offered by colleges and universities across the US. We then narrowed the pool to include only those schools that ranked in the top 250 (according to US News & World Report) and below $35,000 (out-of-state) tuition per year, unless otherwise stated. Finally, we applied the rating and ranking methodology above, and the result was the ranking you see below of the top 25 online programs for a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. We used affordability to break any ties, listing the more affordable program higher in the ranking.

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