Five Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Five Top Cities for Tech Jobs

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Seattle, Los Angeles, or Austin are some of the most well-known cities for tech jobs. Unfortunately, many cities that are famous for tech are also notoriously expensive, congested, and overcrowded. Because of this, tech graduates are seeking opportunities in places that are more livable. While they may not have made the same name for themselves as other tech giants, here are a few great cities with plenty of tech opportunities for professionals seeking a higher quality of life.

Cincinnati, Ohio

While often dismissed as a flyover city, Cincinnati hosts a community of established businesses and a growing number of tech start-ups. Ten Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in the city, and their presence has paved the way for the success of new and developing businesses. The city laws and taxes are business-friendly, and the unemployment rate is lower than the US average. Several seed-stage investors are active in Cincinnati, making it an attractive city for start-ups and tech innovators. There are several sporting events, museums, and beautiful parks in Cincinnati, which also has the surprising title of salsa dancing capitol of the United States.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Forbes lists Raleigh as number two on its list of Best Places for Business Careers. As a part of the North Carolina research triangle, this city is on the frontlines of high tech and biotech research in the US. Raleigh’s unemployment rate is just 4% and the median rent in the city is $817, making it a livable option for tech researchers and developers. Attractions like the NC Museum of Art and the beautiful green spaces within the city create a high quality of life for residents.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The beautiful landscape of Salt Lake City is just one reason that many young tech professionals are starting their careers there. A vibrant downtown that supports business networking makes Salt Lake a promising location for tech startups. Many new companies are restoring existing historic buildings, which creates a stunning skyline with a blend of these structures alongside skyscrapers. With less congestion during rush hour, Salt Lake City offers the tech opportunities of a larger city without the disadvantages.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the headquarters of large tech companies like Salesforce and Angie’s List that have created a friendly environment for emerging businesses. State and city policies support businesses and innovation through low business tax rates and development opportunities for startups. Professionals can expect a work environment with low turnover, as many Indianapolis tech workers are committed to building lives in the city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Once known for its steel mills, Pittsburgh has transformed itself into a profitable tech city through a unified presence of business owners and associations. Since 2000, the city’s population has grown by 40% and has become significantly younger. A local startup investment firm has enabled new businesses to revitalize the downtown area into a livable and bustling destination. The steel mills that once lined the riverside have been converted into commercial spaces. With a median income of just $602, tech professionals can build their careers while enjoying a low cost of living in a growing city.

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Affordable real estate, a warm atmosphere, and reduced traffic congestion are just a few factors that make these cities some of the best for tech professionals. Students looking for job opportunities should not leave these lesser-known cities for tech off their list.

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