Five Popular Marketing Careers

Updated February 15, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Popular Marketing Careers

  • Social Media Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Ad Designer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager

Marketing is a constantly evolving, dynamic, and growing field - and more and more people are opting for marketing degrees. These popular marketing careers are most success in the top cities for marketing such as New York City. Marketing can be a highly lucrative career choice, and many institutions that offer degrees in marketing also offer a range of specializations that appeal to a variety of aptitudes and interests.

For those who thrive in a good challenge - and also who don't like every day to be the same - marketing can represent a steady career with new challenges to be met every day in the office. Here are five of the most popular marketing careers available.

Social Media Manager

The role of the social media manager has become much more expansive in the last few years, thanks to social media platforms serving not only as de facto advertising blocs for brands, personas and shops, but also as customer service centers where people can post reviews and comments and ask questions or even file complaints. Some companies even utilize their social media platforms as their exclusive customer service platform.

Subsequently, the social media manager not only creates and curates posts and content for social media platforms, but also keeps track of analytics and data to inform the advertising department and may handle some measure of customer service along the way - particularly in smaller companies. Some marketing degrees are now offering specializations in social media and content management, reflecting the importance of social media management in brand marketing.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing is another significant development in the last decade, and has become one of the most effective marketing techniques available in the modern marketplace. Email marketing has become an art in and of itself, and numerous platforms to enable email marketing have emerged.

Email marketing managers may be responsible for composing and organizing email outreach content, compiling, editing, and updating email lists and databases, and working in tandem with advertisement and social media managers to tie in email marketing content with current marketing campaigns on other platforms.

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Ad Designer

A fantastic career for those who completed studies in graphic design as well as marketing, the duties of the ad designer combines the logic and psychology of advertising with the creativity and visual genius of the artist. Ad designers can command a significant salary, making it one of the most lucrative careers for those who have true passion for, and expertise in, the visual arts.

Pursuing a degree in studio art or graphic design with a double major or minor in marketing is an excellent path to this career, and can ensure an artist regular and well-paid work as well as potential for growth, such as leading a design team in advertisement or spearheading a marketing design overhaul for a brand.

Market Research Analyst

The back end and foundation of marketing, the market research analyst compiles both current marketing data and demographic research to assist marketing campaign, email marketing, and social media managers in developing appropriate marketing campaigns and keeping their marketing on-point and demographically relevant.

The market research analyst researches data on not only individual demographic groups, but also researches what competing companies are doing to generate sales and what products or services are being the most or least utilized. Market research analysis also helps to indicate what people are willing to pay for products or services so that a company can appropriately price its offerings.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers have long been an indispensable part of a company's marketing team. They see to the public perception and image of a company, and not only make suggestions as to how a company can improve its image or the image of individual high profile company managers, but manage the image crisis that results when a company makes a mistake. They also oversee outreach to media and news outlets, write and issue press releases, organize and lead press conferences, and work in tandem with other marketing professionals at the company to propel the company's image forward in a positive fashion.

Whether you are more interested in face-forward or behind-the-scenes work, there is a lucrative career in marketing for every personality - and every relevant skill set.

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