Five Popular Construction Blogs and Publications

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Construction Blogs and Publications

  • AEC Business
  • Construction Informer
  • Building Design + Construction
  • Planting Acorns
  • Engineering News-Record

If you are interested in a degree in the construction industry, you can't go wrong with reading these popular blogs and publications. You will learn everything you need to know about the field, as well as what is currently changing. If you are already in the industry, you can learn up recent news and updates.

1. AEC Business

This blog is run by a management consultant named Aarni Heiskanen. He writes about his personal experiences, including learning experiences, in the industry. You can easily learn how to enter the field and excel in your career.

The blog covers a variety of topics, including business development, strategies and infographics. If you want to learn even more you can download the podcast by Heiskanen, with new episodes released regularly. There is even a special section of the website dedicated to how new technology is helping shape careers in the field.

2. Construction Informer

The is a blog which covers many topics in the industry. There are blog posts on industry, management, financing and more. This website has all the information you will ever need to know about the field. You can even learn about specialized fields like project management and project budgeting.

If you are considering a degree, this website will give you a good idea of what a career in the industry would look like. If you've already established your career, this website will help you stay on top of recent trends and changes.

3. Building Design + Construction

This website not only looks at the industry as a whole, but goes in-depth in the field of building design. This website will give you a good overview of the industry and help you explore different career options.

This blog is updated regularly, which means you always get the latest information on changes and news. There are many thought-provoking posts which help you think critically about the field and ask questions. Many times discussions occur in the comments discussing different posts.

4. Planting Acorns

This is your go-to news source for anything in the industry. You can learn about the latest happenings, like technological advancements and laws, as well as trending topics. This website is run by Stewart Perry, an experienced commercial builder. In his blog posts he often shares his experiences in the business, both good and bad.

This website is the perfect opportunity for students to learn about the field and how to excel in their careers. For those already working, this blog can teach you how to avoid common career pitfalls.

5. Engineering News-Record

This news website is chock full of content that will keep you reading and learning. The website is top-tier, as it is constantly churning out new content daily. You will never lack new posts to read on this site. You may think this site is only for engineering, but they actually have a great section of noteworthy industry-relevant news.

On this website you can reading about current and popular projects happening around the world. You can read about backlash from local communities as well as the positive effects of certain projects. This website is also a great community for discussing topics with others in the industry. You can discuss posted articles and ask questions on concepts you don't understand.

One of the easiest ways to learn more about the industry is through popular blogs and publications. These five websites are some of the best in terms of information and news. Here you can also find information that will help you decide if a degree in this industry is right for you.

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