Five Must-Attend Leadership Conferences

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Must-Attend Leadership Conferences

  • Leadercast
  • Strategic Growth Forum
  • Forbes-SHOOK Top Advisor Summit
  • GrowthCon
  • ICON

There is a reason the following are called five must-attend leadership conferences. Each captures the essence of leadership, a sometimes ambiguous and misunderstood concept. In fact, these meetings convey the qualities that distinguish certain individuals from the rest; the traits that compel others to follow.


Building followership is a consistent theme at Leadercast, which attracts corporate executives and entrepreneurs from all over the United States. The breadth of speakers is wide, sparking interest in audiences regardless of background, age or aspiration. From comedians and authors to CEOs and psychologists, those who address the Leadercast attendees are the cream of the crop in their respective fields. The event offers different packages depending on seating preferences, food preferences and access to speakers. Different rates are available for groups, students and executives. The content and amenities make Leadercast one of FIVE MUST-ATTEND LEADERSHIP EVENTS.

Strategic Growth Forum

Produced by the cutting-edge financial services company, EY, the Strategic Growth Forum ranks as one of the FIVE MUST-ATTEND LEADERSHIP MEETINGS. This conference covers topics important to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and strategic thinkers at established companies. Covering issues like the velocity of technological growth; unpredictability in healthcare delivery; new political phenomena; and increasing influence of big data, this gathering features speakers at the spear point of progress. Tech gurus, professional athletes and veteran CEOs have graced the stage of prior meetings. The EY Entrepreneur of the Year is recognized at the end of each conference.

Forbes-SHOOK Top Advisor Summit

The publishers of Forbes magazine collaborate with SHOOK Research to convene an invitation-only meeting for elite wealth advisors and asset managers. Taken together, attendees represent over a trillion dollars worth of assets under stewardship. For their part, the speakers are drawn from the most reputable financial managers and investors in the United States and around the world. Topics covered include international trade, monetary policy, retirement planning and wealth transfer. These subjects are covered in both general meetings and breakout sessions. If wealth management is your business, you will seek an invite to this confabulation, one of FIVE MUST-ATTEND LEADERSHIP GATHERINGS.


GrowthCon bills itself as “A Day of Ideas for a Year of Success.” Needless to say, a lot of information is packed into that day. Geared toward mentoring and networking, this meeting serves not only as a clearinghouse for innovative ideas. It also offers cash incentives to its participants. Through “ProjectGrowChallenge”, the sponsors at Entrepreneur magazine offer $25,000 to the small business that presents the best scenario for its investment. Meetings and workshops at GrowthCon center on content marketing, social media and creative use of technology. Of the FIVE MUST-ATTEND LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS, GrowthCon is an absolute must for small businesspeople.


Put on by Infusionsoft, the company specializing in small business support, ICON brings together entrepreneurs and marketing specialists to improve sales platforms and raise small business profiles. This three-day event involves several thousand participants eager to talk about goal-setting, sales campaign management and experimentation with new ideas. Speakers cover ideas as diverse as crowd funding, trust building, dynamic leadership and Google. Peppered throughout the agenda are highlights of Infusionsoft technology potential. Sessions are categorized for newbie entrepreneurs, those with more experience and seasoned veterans. ICON is worth checking out regardless of what products a business owner uses.

Leadership means different things to different people. Still, standing out among peers—and offering products or services that change lives—confer those traits that most people recognize in leaders. Presence at these FIVE MUST-ATTEND LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES advances entrepreneurs closer to that goal.

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