Five High-Paying Jobs in International Business

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High-Paying Jobs in International Business

  • International Buyer
  • International Financial Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Translator

Twenty-first century globalism has given rise to a plethora of career opportunities in international business, and thousands of colleges and universities all over the world have designed a range of majors in and relating to international business to suit every interest and aptitude.

If you have a good mind for business, an MBA or other business degree, and a love of travel, international business can be a highly lucrative field - in addition to some positions affording ample opportunity to visit and do business in a great many places. Here are five high-paying jobs in international business.

International Buyer

International buyers - or purchasing managers - study marketplace trends and consumer habits, decide what products or services their company should be selling, and then in turn research the best places to procure those products to turn for sale or produces necessary to provide certain services.

International buyers, in addition to their research travel extensively to do business with wholesalers, manufacturers, and trade show vendors to supply the products the company needs to remain competitive in the marketplace. Many international buyers have their travel expenses paid for or reimbursed by their company, and in addition receive excellent salaries.

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International Financial Analyst

Financial analysts make thorough assessments of a company's financial practices, provide their accounting teams with administrative and research support, and make recommendations based on their analyses for companies to expand or maintain their profit margins moving forward. They also provide investment advice, recommendations for ways to save money on or improve company employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, and make recommendations for recovery when a company has experienced a financial crisis.

International financial analysts may often travel between company branches, and this well-paid position - which requires an MBA - can range well into six figures per annum.

Management Consultant

Management consultants study and assess a company's day to day and overall performance, and suggest strategic moves to improve productivity, profit margin, and even employee happiness and motivation. Consultants investigate every aspect of a company's operations, including human resources, chain supply management, and construct a plan for improving profitability and reducing company risk, as well as a timetable for implementation.

International management consultants travel all over the world conducting company assessments, and are paid high salaries for their work.

International Marketing Manager

International marketing managers organize marketing strategies and campaigns for nations outside the company's home country. This job requires a marketing degree and anywhere from five to ten years in the industry. Heavily research-based, international marketing managers ensure that their company's goods remain competitive abroad, and develop culturally and nationally appropriate marketing campaigns to build a company's presence in other nations. The median salary for this position is close to a hundred and ten thousand dollars per annum.

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Translators and interpreters translate written and spoken language into other tongues for the purposes of conducting business internationally. They may translate company presentations, pamphlets, press releases, and any other documents having to do with the company's operations for countries it does business in or with. Interpreters are very often present at international business meetings to either directly translate, or to help clarify idioms or non-standard expressions for non-fluent speakers of the language being translated. Skilled translators may command a salary of fifty thousand or more per year.

Regardless of where your interests in international business lie, there is a career in international business for a wide variety of degree holders - and for the most dedicated and skillful, long-term prosperity and stability.

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Five High Paying Jobs in International Business

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