Five High-Paying Jobs in Human Resources

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High-Paying Jobs in Human Resources

  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

People who study human resources in college have a lot of career opportunities once they graduate. According to a survey done by Randstad, a global HR services company, there are more than 52,000 job openings every year for human resource majors. This number shows a lot of prospects for HR graduates. Here five high-paying human resources careers you might want to consider.

1. Labor Relations Specialist

A labor relations specialist uses his vast knowledge in wage data, economics, labor law and collective bargaining to provide advice and assistance in solving labor relations issues within an organization. He oversees negotiations and creation of collective bargaining agreements on behalf of the company or government. He also conducts labor relations training and recommends disciplinary actions against employees. A labor relations specialist earns an average salary of $58,820 per year. The minimum entry level is a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Some organizations may require a work experience not less than five years.

2. Human Resources Specialist

A human resources specialist recruits, screens, interviews and places workers within an organization. A human resource specialist may also help corporate managers with other duties related to the organization’s workforce. This includes developing policies, employment structures, benefits, performance incentives and any other thing that might help. A human resource specialist earns $87,000 per year. The minimum qualification level is a bachelor’s degree in human resources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an employment rate of 5 percent by 2024, which is as fast as the average.

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3. Training and Development Manager

Training and development manager in human resource is responsible for implementing training programs and career growths within an organization. He conducts coaching sessions, creates evaluation processes, prepares the training budget and conducts orientations. A training and development manager earns an average salary of $102,640 per year. The typical entry level is a bachelor’s degree. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for training development managers is expected to grow by 7 percent in the next 10 years.

4. Human Resources Manager

A human resource manager undertakes all administrative, coordination and evaluation roles within an organization. He develops and administers human resource plans for every staff. He creates and implements policies and procedures that directly affect the personnel within the organization. A human resources manager also oversees the listing, hiring and interviewing of new staff. He earns an average salary of $104,440 per year. The employment rate is expected to increase by 9 percent in the next 10 years.

5. Compensation and Benefits Manager

A compensation and benefits manager is in charge of the salary department. He creates and implements salary classification programs, prepares job descriptions, improves recruitment and retention and estimates budgets for salary increases. He also administers and manages employee insurance plans and analyzes reports to ensure appropriate compensations. A compensation and benefits manager earns an average of $111,430 per year. The minimum entry level for this profession is a bachelor’s degree. The employment growth rate is expected to hit 6 percent by the year 2024.

The professions outlined above show how promising human resources programs are. You only need to work hard and get good grades to open up more opportunities. Do not fear or feel inadequate to apply for the five high-paying jobs in human resources listed above once you graduate.

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