Five High-Paying Jobs in Construction Management

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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High-Paying Jobs in Construction Management

  • Site Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Construction Manager
  • Estimator
  • Trade Foreman

Construction management is all about the administration of the progressive world of building. Such management of construction efforts is perhaps better described as the planning, direction and coordination of activities involving the construction or maintenance of buildings, structures, and systems. This is undoubtedly an important field, and as a result, elevated pay rates can definitely be included in the jobs herein. For those interested in learning more about the higher-paying jobs in construction management, here are five, great examples.

Site Superintendent

The site superintendent is extremely important to the entirety of any given construction operation. This vocation is the epitome of management in construction, providing complete guidance and direction to every happening on the site. This individual must also be able to work with and understand all trade work - electric, plumbing, HVAC, telecommunications, and many more. In the end, it is this professional that translates the owner's wishes to a finished product via the entire construction endeavor.

Assistant Superintendent

The assistant superintendent is one who works directly under the command of the site superintendent. This professional also has the same goals and many of the same duties as the actual site superintendent, but will act at their superior's direction in many cases. As a result of their close ties to the superintendent, the assistant will thus delegate tasks and communications to crews working at the site which are commands of the superintendent. This person may also hold meetings, manage safety on the site, maintain licensure and permitting, and more.

Construction Manager

Many construction companies are hard at work at any given time, not only on actual construction sites, but also in the planning phases of upcoming construction endeavors. When it comes to such pre-planning, today's construction company will often employ construction managers in order to properly facilitate future plans and build sites. These managers will also reflect on ongoing projects and make adjustments here as necessary so as to assure future plans are able to be met. A deep knowledge of all construction elements is absolutely required.


Those construction managers mentioned above, as well as ownership and other administrative areas, all depend on the work of experts referred to as "estimators". An estimator follows up on a potential job, establishes contact with the potential customer, consults, and comes up with an estimated price for that customer's desired project. This price is typically set and therefore must be finely tuned and accurate. An estimator must calculate estimated labor time, costs, materials, and more so as to create an agreeable number for the customer that also allows for profit by the construction company. Failures and achievements of the estimator are then those of the rest of the company as well.

Trade Foreman

As mentioned above, the site superintendent and their assistant are the heads of the physical job-site and all of its activity. Directly under these professionals work the trade foremen. A trade foreman is responsible for managing their trade's installations in a building as well as working with other trades so as to avoid spatial conflicts in the building. An electric foreman, for example, then commands the entire force of electricians at work on the site. This expert ultimately translates the wishes of the superintendents to the physical work and product of their entire body of trade workers.

Construction will always be an important part of the human need to grow and adapt. As a result, the management of that construction will always be a vocation slot that is in demand. These five examples of jobs in construction management are just some of those that are excellent in many ways, including above-average pay.

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