Five High-Paying Jobs for Information Technology

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Five High-Paying Jobs for Information Technology

  • Data Architect
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Applications Development Manager
  • Software Architect

Information technology is a diverse field with highly lucrative and stable jobs. In a recent salary report released by Glassdoor, a job database, tech jobs top the list of highest-paying jobs in the US. In this post, we are going to look at the top five high-paying jobs one can get as an information technology professional.

Data Architect

Data architects work to maintain databases by identifying structural requirements and designing, developing and installing solutions. Typical job duties include analyzing operations, programming and applications to identify structural requirements, defining physical structures and functional capabilities of databases to develop solutions and training other staff members on how to retrieve and interpret information from databases. Data architects have a lot of knowledge in database security, system analysis, project management and database design. They are effective team players, communicators and problem-solvers. According to PayScale, data architects make $114,313 per annum. Those who work in entry-level positions earn at least $78,000. Those who are experienced and work for established and successful companies earn up to $180,000.

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers are in charge of a team of business data analysts. They ensure their teams work efficiently to provide insights into business operations and suggest new ways through which businesses can improve their performance. They oversee the analytical process, approaches and methodologies. Once the analytics process is complete, they present their findings and recommendations to the company’s management. Analytics managers have strong computer skills, including in-depth knowledge of SQL and statistical models. They also have strong analytics, problem-solving and quantitative skills.

Applications Development Manager

Applications development managers plan and direct activities of the team involved in the design, development and installation of functions needed to create computer application programs and software. They review the existing applications as well as those in development to determine if they are efficient and effective. They also conduct occasional meetings with the management and other senior employees to identify data processing requirements of new projects. Application development managers have a strong understanding of software engineering principles and application development techniques. They are also critical thinkers and highly innovative individuals. They make $113,459 per annum, with a range between $86,949 and $157,331.

Senior Software Architect

Senior software architects work to develop new computer application programs and software for organizations. They work with a team of skilled developers to determine the key purpose of the software, design it, oversee development and create an implementation system. In order to this, they review the codes that have been written to ensure the software works effectively. They also conduct extensive research to identify new techniques in software design and development. Senior software architects earn a median income of $129,870 annually. The salary ranges from $97,255 to $184,083.

Information Technology Manager

The main responsibility of information technology managers is to monitor and supervise activities that involve the company’s computer infrastructure and other closely related areas. They lead teams that manage data networks, software platforms and the security of the information technology infrastructure. They also help develop data management infrastructure, access protocols and policies within the company. In some companies, information technology managers are involved in hiring, training and disciplining IT staff. They make $85,056 on average. Those who are experienced earn up to $200,000.

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With the current changes in the way companies handle their operations, more and more jobs opportunities will be available for information technology graduates. The five jobs discussed above not only offer lucrative salaries, but they also allow individuals to apply their leadership skills in a highly technical environment.

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