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Top High Schools Online for Students

Whether you’re a young performer, athlete, or returning to class to finish your diploma, online high schools have made it possible for non-traditional students to graduate on their terms.

The following ranking represents the 5 best high schools online; these schools were selected and ranked through focused research, primarily on the quality of key online high school features.

In determining the order of this ranking, we awarded points based on:

  • Range of course selection, including core, Advanced Placement, and elective opportunities (1-5 points)
  • Level of course flexibility in earning an online high school diploma (1-3 points)
  • Testimonials from online high school graduates and/or family members. (1-3 points)
  • Academic support and career guidance from faculty (1-3 points)
  • Quality of virtual high school classroom technology (1-3 points)
  • An additional point was awarded for noteworthy features that made it a best online high school (1-3 points)

In the event of a tie in points, the school with the lower tuition rate appears higher in the ranking

Tuition data was sourced from each online high school’s official website.

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Featured Online Schools

The following list of ranked colleges represents the 5 best high schools online.

true James Madison High School $1,199.00 to $1,599.00 22

Flexible and affordable, James Madison High School online suits the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. This top online high school is committed to preparing its students for a diverse range of goals; among James Madison’s students include those seeking stronger job qualifications, a complete diploma, homeschooling, and other special circumstances. JMHS online high school students can enroll and begin their courses any time of year. James Madison is both nationally and regionally accredited, meeting high standards of distance education requirements.

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true The University of Texas at Austin High School $2,700.00 annual full-time enrollment 21

The University of Texas at Austin High School is among the top online diploma opportunities. This school has an innovative, interactive learning portal, resources for students with disabilities, academic advisement, and much more. Additionally, University of Texas’s online high school has additional academic coursework for the Spanish-speaking student population. UTHS high school online has flexible scheduling options, and the course curriculum is held to the high standards of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Once enrolled in a high school course, students have a maximum of 150 days to complete it; each course is an affordable $225 per semester.

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true Brigham Young University’s Independent Study $152.00 to $256.00 per course 20

A long-trusted name in academics, Brigham Young University’s Independent Study program has a vast selection of educational opportunity. BYU’s top online high school is offered in three available variations; these programs include a standard and advanced four-year diplomas, and an adult diploma program designed for students over nineteen-years-old. BYU has received accolades from recent graduates, among them including gymnasts, actors, and other types of non-traditional students. Brigham Young’s online high school program incentivizes strong grades; for students who maintain a B or higher average, BYU awards a free scholarship course after every five courses. All of Brigham Young’s online education programs come with free, reliable tutoring services.

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true The Keystone School $419.00 to $649.00 per course 20

Founded in 1974, The Keystone School is a flexible, affordable, and well-established education option. Keystone’s high school online program welcomes virtually any type of student; some of Keystone’s online high school students include college-bound, career-bound, homebound, and/or students who have struggled in traditional high school environments. Keystone high school online has an award-winning curriculum that is easily tailored to the specialized goals of its future graduates. High school students have the option to enroll full-time or take individual courses. Keystone has over 250,000 graduates around the world, many of whom have given praise to the online high school experience.

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true Franklin Virtual High School $395.00 per course 19

Offering a diverse range of academics, Franklin Virtual High School has an award-winning curriculum and top-notch guidance resources. This top high school online has affordable diploma-earning programs that focus on pursuing a career or continued higher learning; these FVHS has featured offerings including live on-demand tutoring, self-paced learning, and affordable rates for high school students of all backgrounds. Additionally, online Franklin high school students can re-take previous courses to either earn a passing or higher grade; this program is called “credit recovery classes,” at a rate of $395 per course. FVHS has SAT, ACT, or GED test preparation, summer school, and other unique curriculum tracks.

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