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Updated November 8, 2022

A degree in this field equips learners with the skills necessary to work as sociologists, counselors, or social workers. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Bachelor's in Sociology Degrees

People who enjoy researching social issues and trends and working closely with others to understand the motives for their behavior may want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology. A degree in this field equips learners with the skills necessary to work as sociologists, counselors, or social workers. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects social worker and mental health counselor jobs to grow faster than the average for all occupations between 2020 and 2030. Many careers in the field also pay salaries above the national median of $41,950. For example, sociologists enjoy a median annual salary of $86,110. 

While people may not need formal training for an entry-level career in the field, earning a bachelor’s degree can quicken career advancement opportunities. A bachelor's degree in sociology provides students with training in research, communication, and critical thinking. Graduates can begin their careers or enroll in graduate study. The best degrees in sociology help learners develop the skills necessary to succeed and provide them with academic credentials. Read on for the best online bachelor’s in sociology degrees.

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Ranking The Best Sociology Degree Programs

true Arizona State University, Tempe $12,947 100.0 BS in Sociology

The bachelor of science at Arizona State University – Tempe is offered entirely online. The program explores social change, social life, and the social causes and impacts of human behavior. The degree has an active liberal arts component that develops each students’ skills in analysis, critical thinking, and research. Classes last 7.5 weeks each for a total of 40 classes and 120 credit hours. Students take classes that cover contemporary and traditional social issues and institutions. The largest and most diverse unit at the university, this school is ranked within the top 20 for humanities research, according to the National Science Foundation. It spends over $115 million each year in research expenditures and is also ranked the most innovative university in the country. As a result, undergraduates in the sociology program receive some of the most outstanding and hands-on access to faculty-guided research.

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true Oregon State University $19,205 97.50 BA/BS in Sociology

The online sociology major at Oregon State University is available as both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science degree. The program prepares students for rewarding careers in law, criminal justice, social services, and media. It is also an excellent preparatory program for graduate study in sociology. Offered within the highly-ranked College of Liberal Arts, this program features classes that are designed and taught by world-class faculty renowned worldwide for their research expertise. All eCampus students receive the same diploma and education as on-campus students. In addition, distance learners have access to career coaching, success counseling, library services, and tutoring. The degree features four flexible start terms each year. Learners must complete 180 credits to graduate. Core class topics include population trends and policy, criminology and penology, and rural sociology. An additional environmental and natural resources option is also available.

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true Florida International University $12,219 97.42 BA in Sociology and Anthropology

Florida International University’s online bachelor of arts in sociology and anthropology is designed for busy working students. It provides enrollees with training in the most in-demand research and analysis skills. Learners can choose from three potential start dates in spring, summer, and fall. Students will take 15 classes of core courses in topics such as social theory, research methods, and societies in the world. Learners who enroll in this high-quality degree become members of an exceptional community. They can make the most of their education by joining the Honors College or by working closely with their success coach. The degree requires 120 credit hours.

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true University of Central Florida $15,341 97.33 BA/BS in Sociology

The online bachelor’s in sociology at the University of Central Florida is available as both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science. The degree prepares learners for exciting careers in academic or professional settings. Learners must complete a capstone project to further delve into data analysis and integration. Graduates are qualified for a wide variety of careers, including those in victim advocacy, marketing research, and diversity training. Degree-seekers complete 120 credit hours. The online campus is supported by 200 full-time, tenure-track faculty members, giving students the best access to some of the most qualified instructors in the nation.

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true California State University, Fullerton $8,562 94.79 BA in Sociology

The online bachelor of arts in sociology at California State University – Fullerton is designed for adult learners seeking to finish their degrees. This degree-completion program offers practical, broad-based training in sociology, allowing students to focus on interpersonal relationships. It includes advanced, upper-division courses that are suitable for learners seeking an accelerated pathway to graduation. Upon enrollment in this program, which requires 17 total classes, each student is placed into a cohort. Learners move through their courses with their cohorts, allowing them to build professional relationships and networks. Classes and exams are entirely online, allowing students to study and work at their convenience. Core classes include topics like social inequality and theories of social behavior. Each class lasts eight weeks, with summer classes lasting only five. Degree-seekers can take one course at a time.

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North Dakota State University, Main Campus $14,848 94.74 BA in Sociology

North Dakota State University offers a high-quality program in sociology. The degree explores human social interactions, particularly from diverse standpoints. Majors find jobs in a variety of nonprofit, business, and government jobs. Students graduate with an intricate knowledge of how social relationships affect larger institutions. Degree-seekers can specialize in topics like gender issues, community, religion, research methods, and tribal studies. The department houses two separate social research laboratories, allowing students to hone their applied analysis and research skills from a unique social sciences perspective. Students can take advanced graduate work leading to a master’s degree. Or, they can choose to gain a necessary background in the social sciences with this broad-based program. All sociology majors may also apply for an internship to explore their interests in core sociology disciplines like gerontology, medical sociology, and gender issues. Students must complete 120 credit hours to graduate.

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Florida State University $16,450 94.10 BS in Social Science

The bachelor of science in social science at Florida State University is an exemplary online program. The degree offers a major in interdisciplinary social science as well. This focus provides students with a broad liberal arts education that prepares them to address the many issues that society faces. The interdisciplinary program is an alternative to specializing in a content area. After completing core liberal arts training, each student may go on to concentrate in sociology or another field, such as economics or public administration. There are no required courses for this major. Instead, students take a variety of major coursework from the participating departments. Most students only take 4-8 semesters to complete the degree. All exams can be taken at local community colleges or libraries, offering convenience for distance learners.

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Washington State University $17,885 93.83 BA in Sociology

The bachelor of arts in sociology at Washington State University offers three convenient start dates each year. The major exposes students to how society affects behavior and vice versa. The program explores a variety of issues, including inequality, human ecology, religion, and politics. It houses multiple award-winning faculty members and frequently ranks as one of the top programs in the nation. Undergraduate students can engage with faculty and graduate students closely as they pursue an exciting variety of research topics. Students take various industry-focused classes that help them hone the needed skills for careers or graduate school. All classes are available entirely online. Learners take required courses such as the development of social theory and research methods in sociology.

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University of Nebraska at Omaha $11,727 91.57 BA/BS in Sociology

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers a program in sociology that is available as a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science. Graduates of the online program receive the same degrees that they would get on campus. They graduate with the ability to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and diverse world. Students look closely at the patterns of behavior, culture, and social change that impact our world. The program is available as a stand-alone major or with an optional concentration in health and society. This concentration is designed for students who wish to pursue areas in the medical field. The degree is taught by full-time faculty who have significant teaching and research expertise, as well as personal and professional interests in family, social justice, inequality, and health. Courses are flexible, saving students both time and money. Online learners can also access the same support services they would receive on campus, including career services, library services, and academic tutoring.

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Western Kentucky University $11,817 90.93 BA in Sociology

The bachelor of arts in sociology at Western Kentucky University provides students with basic training in societies, organizations, and groups that influence human interaction. The program includes many sub-disciplines, including gender and criminology. The coursework is flexible and adaptable to students who are interested in pursuing several careers. Students may complete the general, stand-alone major, or they may select from four concentrations. Available concentrations include community, environment and development, research methods, and inequality and social change. A minor in sociology is also available to online learners in other departments. To apply, students must submit transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. To graduate, students must take 31 semester hours in sociology.

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Kennesaw State University $17,929 90.51 BS in Sociology

The bachelor of science in sociology at Kennesaw State University is offered entirely online or on campus. Students in this major learn how to address the issues related to diversity, social change, and modernization on both a local and global scale. The degree provides students with extensive career preparation and allows them to choose specific concentrations. Learners gain the necessary background for graduate study in related fields. Students may pursue concentrations such as criminology or medical sociology. Or, students may customize a course of study unique to their interests, a pathway known as the general sociology track. The program is housed within the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Kennesaw, which encourages students to take classes in other departments. All learners graduate with interdisciplinary degrees that showcase their strengths and talents. Students can participate in lifelong learning opportunities such as internships and service learning.

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California State University, Chico $14,185 89.91 BA in Sociology

The bachelor of arts in sociology at California State University – Chico is designed for students who have a passion for examining the way society and various social groups function. An online degree-completion program, this degree combines the research traditions of sociology with theoretical knowledge. It also includes many opportunities for hands-on practice to prepare learners for rewarding careers in sociology. Forty major units are required for graduation. Students take a variety of interdisciplinary liberal arts courses before moving on to core upper-division requirements, such as statistical analysis for the social sciences and sociology gender. The school charges fees on a per-unit basis to help working students earn their degrees more conveniently.

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University of Florida $12,527 89.78 BA in Sociology

The University of Florida offers an online bachelor of arts in sociology program. Learners gain an in-depth perspective on the relationships between society and humans. Upon completing this program, students are prepared to enter into careers in marketing, social services, public health, research, and criminal justice. To apply, candidates need a minimum 2.5 GPA. This convenient degree provides students with flexible academic options that house the same elite faculty. Each student must complete 32 credits of coursework in sociology, with required courses covering fundamental sociological concepts. Online learners receive access to career and networking opportunities, research experiences, and internships.

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University of Northern Colorado $15,003 89.26 BA in Sociology

The bachelor of arts in sociology at the University of Northern Colorado is flexible and grounded in the liberal arts. While studying in this program, students gain the transferable job skills necessary to apply for various professions in any industry. Students can begin this open-entry program in any term, including the fall, spring, or summer months. Courses last 6-8 weeks. Students can take 12 credits each term with only two courses at a time. The online degree prepares students with the research and communication skills that employers want most. The school offers degree concentrations in social psychology and life course, inequalities and institutions, family, and deviance and social control. All online students pay the same flat per-credit tuition rate, regardless of residency. The school does not charge additional online student learning fees.

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Fort Hays State University $12,196 89.06 BA/BS in Sociology

The online sociology degree at Fort Hays State University is available as both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts degree. The program focuses on the social causes and impacts of human behavior. It emphasizes family structures, terrorism, and social inequality. Faculty members incorporate their research and experiences into the program’s curriculum. Students can access various student organizations, service-learning opportunities, and internships. Unique classes are available in topics like grant writing and case management. This small department also features an exclusive addictions counseling track along with many certificate programs. The diverse curriculum is flexible, allowing students to craft personalized programs of study that meet their individual career goals. The SAT or ACT is required for applicants under the age of 21.

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