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Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing

best online bachelors in creative writing

As students migrated towards business, finance, math, and the various fields of science, there have been holes created in the field for creative writers of the world. English degrees open the door to more opportunities than it ever has. There are multitudes of positions available to those who complete any of the 15 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing for 2020. 

Creative writing develops quite the toolbox of skills. It enhances the ability to think deeply and analyze critically. Students graduate with a wealth of knowledge from discussions on classic and modern texts from all over the world. Customizable curriculum tracks also allow students to tailor their course loads to their interests.

In addition, employers seek out people with clear and concise communication abilities, analytical minds, and modern technical skills. The following 15 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing in 2020 blend all three of these characteristics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers for writers and authors are on pace to grow at 8% between now and 2026. Those who seek to forge their own identity and success can take control of their futures by pursuing freelance work.

Students can use the skills to become freelance editors, writers, and journalists. These fulfilling undergraduate programs create well-rounded writers and thinkers by simultaneously blending technical writing with the creative side.

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20% – Affordability

10% – Acceptance Rates

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Here are the 15 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing for 2019!

#15. Mercy College – Dobbs Ferry, NY

Bachelor of Arts in English


Mercy College offers students the option to complete an Online Bachelor of Art in English program. Mercy is more affordable than most universities in New York with the latest numbers available showing that the average student debt is 26% less than the state average. The program prides itself on developing students’ ability to think critically through the use of literature. While the courses are designed to expose students to different subjects and topics within the literary canon, the skills acquired give students the advantages needed to succeed personally and professionally. Students can expect to enroll in classes such as Literature by Women, American Gothic, and Modern Poetry. Full-time students usually graduate within four years.

Net Price: $16,246
Score: 86.4

#14. California Baptist University – Riverside, CA

Bachelor of Arts in English


California Baptist University offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English. Students pursuing this flexible program find themselves prepared for success beyond the classroom. Outcomes of this program include students being able to be self-directed scholars, having the ability to articulate a Christian approach to literature and the skill of identifying key elements of the structure of the English language. The program CBU offers encourage creativity, communication, and spiritual growth through analyzing traditional literature. Full-time students can complete this online degree in just 16 months. Some of the 48 credits needed for completion come from courses that include Multicultural Literature, Foundations for Christian Thought, and Modern American Literature. Students can begin this flexible degree program every eight weeks. The online program is perfect for working professionals or full-time students. The versatility of this degree is represented by the numerous fields of employment that students can find themselves in after completion. Those fields include marketing, education, and administration.

Net Price: $25,714
Score: 87.0

#13. Regent University – Virginia Beach, VA

Bachelor of Arts in English with Writing


Regent University offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in English with Writing. Regent has observed a growth of 14% over the last two years, making it one of the fastest growing schools in the nation. Students looking to improve their skills in technical writing, professional writing, and creative writing will find a home within this program. The skill and knowledge obtained in this program are anchored by the school’s Christian principles. The program requires 120 credits to be completed. Available courses include Studies in World Literature, The Making of the Christian Mind, and Play Writing to name a few. This program will allow students to have fulfilling careers in commercial fiction, script writing, or corporate communications. The English faculty is some of the most qualified in the nation with 90% of them holding the highest degree in their field. Students can also develop skills for writing in business, media, and journalism.

Net Price: $17,820
Score: 87.3

#12. University of Maryland – University College – Largo, MD

Bachelor of Arts in English with Technical and Professional Writing


The University of Maryland – University College offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in English with Technical and Professional Writing. Those students who find the study of language and literature enticing and enjoy their pursuit of this undergraduate degree. The program requires a minimum of 120 credits for completion with up to 90 units accepted for transfer. Some of the courses that are available in the curriculum include Renaissance Literature, Critical Approaches to Literature, and Introduction to Research. Students may be asked to create a Facebook page for an author like Shakespeare, or create a digital narrative that illustrates how the language has evolved over the centuries. This innovative curriculum prepares students for success in their various fields. English students at UMUC are encouraged to join Humanities and English Club to give themselves a strong support system.

Net Price: $15,256
Score: 87.3

#11. Indiana University – East – Richmond, IN

Bachelor of Arts in English with Technical & Professional Writing


Indiana University – East offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English with Technical and Professional Writing. This program requires a minimum of 60 units for completion. The curriculum is designed to be fulfilled over two calendar years. Students who complete this program walk away with the ability to think critically and write effectively. Available courses include Digital Writing, Native American Literature, and Introduction to Critical Practices.

IUE requires students to complete each course within the curriculum with a grade of C or better. This program trains students in communicating thoughts and ideas effectively through various media. This combination of training vehicles prepares students for successful careers in technical writing, publications, advertising, and other writing-intensive career paths. Prospective students may reach out to IUE for additional information from their website.   

Net Price: $7,971
Score: 89.5

#10. University of Illinois at Springfield – Springfield, IL

Bachelor of Arts in English


The University of Illinois at Springfield offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English. This online degree program prepares students for a wide variety of jobs within a vast expanse of job-sectors. Students can find well-established careers in education, law, business, and healthcare. The degree program is characterized by its multifaceted nature. Courses available to students in this curriculum include Rhetoric and Composition in Digital Media, Non-Fiction Writing, and Professional Writing. This degree program requires a minimum of 68 units for completion. Online students at UIS have the unique opportunity to present their work at the Students Arts and Research Symposium. The English department faculty are a diverse group of professionals from all backgrounds, and its diversity resembles that of the student body. The faculty additionally offers their support every step of the way.

Net Price: $12,054
Score: 90.3

#9. Missouri State University – Springfield, MO

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing


Missouri State University provides an Online Bachelor of Art in Professional Writing program. This program shows its value by combining superior writing abilities with computer skills. Some of the fields open to graduates of this degree program include government, technology, and health care. The major requirements for this program is a minimum of 36 units. Students admitted to the program must also maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.50. Those who pursue this degree use their blend of writing and computer proficiencies to analyze, understand, and understand the conventions of the English language. One of the more interesting aspects of the program is that students are required to take four courses outside of their major. Some of these focuses include The Natural World, Public Issues, and Cultural Competence.  

Net Price: $15,173
Score: 90.3

#8. University of Colorado – Denver, CO

Bachelor of Arts in English Writing


The University of Colorado offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English Writing program to all interested students. This undergraduate degree program exposes students to all aspects of English. The program houses students with different goals and interests while still giving great attention to all disciplines of English. The online courses are taught and pursued with the same fervor and intensity that those who attend in person experience. Although the program is flexible and designed with all types of lifestyles in mind, full-time students are still expected to graduate within four years. Some of the courses offered to students during their degree program include Technical Writing, Business Writing, and Fiction Workshop. CU is specifically appealing to technical writers, authors, and editors.

Net Price: $14,586
Score: 91.7

#7. University of Massachusetts – Amherst – Shrewsbury, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Writing Concentrations


The University of Massachusetts – Amherst offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Writing Concentrations. UMass Amherst University Without Walls aims to assist all levels of writers in expanding their understanding of the theory and practice of professional writing. This comprehension of the language extends across all genres of modern and traditional writing. UMass Amherst allows for 105 units to be transferred into their all online program. The undergraduate degree is designed with those facing the challenges of family, community, and professional responsibilities in mind. Students considering this program must have a minimum of 12 units completed with a 2.0 GPA maintained. Those curious about attending must be clear that the program is open to all, but that it is also rigorous once enrollment is obtained.

Net Price: $21,281
Score: 91.8

#6. University of Memphis – Memphis, TN

Bachelor of Arts in English


The University of Memphis provides the platform for an Online Bachelor of Art in English. This four-year program offers courses such as Forms of Poetry, Literary Programming, and Studies in Discourse Analysis. The University of Memphis has a Smart Start supplementary program for adults returning to take classes. The initiative assists with readiness and preparation for the pursuit of a degree.

Students are given the opportunity to hone their skills and ramp up for the technology-driven curriculum. Students interested in the degree program can assess their readiness by taking an online assessment. The two online degree concentrations include Professional Writing and African-American Literature. Students also need to complete a minimum of 120 units to achieve their degree. Those who are not already U of M students need to complete an online application.  

Net Price: $13,663
Score: 92.6

#5. Central Washington University – Ellensburg, WA

Bachelor of Arts in English with Professional & Creative Writing


Central Washington University has an Online Bachelor of Art in English with Professional and Creative Writing to combine technical aspects of professional writing with the freedom to write creatively. Students are required to take a minimum of 74 credits to complete the degree. Available courses include Legal Writing Credits, Advanced Fiction Writing, and Women’s Literature. The English department also amplifies the voices of their students by announcing poems that are published and other literary successes by posting congratulatory messages on the CWU website. Because this degree is a specialization, students need to complete two upper-division courses prior to enrolling.

Net Price: $14,124
Score: 94.7

#4. Old Dominion University – Norfolk, VA

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing


Old Dominion University awards an Online Bachelor of Art in Professional Writing. This supplemental certificate program for the Bachelor of Art requires a minimum of 12 credits. The purpose of the certificate program is to strengthen and focus on writing abilities. Students develop clarity in their written communications. ODU’s online program also provides graduates with a unique tool. The Career Coach is an online system that allows students to explore their employability in various regions. There is a job board, a resume assistant, and an assessment center available for career building as well. The class conversations are live as if in a classroom. Students in this degree program may enroll in courses such as Digital Writing, Public Relations, and Management Writing.

Net Price: $15,213
Score: 95.7

#3. University of Houston – Houston, TX

Bachelor of Arts in English with Creative Writing


University of Houston

The University of Houston offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English with Creative Writing. The career opportunities for students who complete this degree are as vast as they are endless. Students can find opportunities in both the public and private sector with positions in law, web design, and publishing. In pursuit of this degree, students enroll in courses such as Literature and Culture, Workplace Presentations, and Studies in Poetry. The Workplace Presentations course is particularly helpful in tying the classroom to the real world professional experience. Students learn to create and give presentations by clearly communicating information in multimedia mediums. Students graduate with the ability to critically analyze various texts and develop unique ideas grounded in evidence. This program is built to develop the critical skills needed for workplace success.

Net Price: $15,664
Score: 97.0

#2. University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing or Professional Writing


The University of Central Florida in Orlando offers both a Bachelors in Creative Writing or Professional Writing Degrees Online. The idea behind each of these online degree programs emphasizes student engagement through the development of writing skills. These degree programs require a minimum of 120 units for completion. Students will combine theory, practice, and technique during their pursuit of this degree. UCF also features a student support center online. The intuitive system allows students to address issues, stay organized with checklists, and seek out tutoring. The online support system is robust, designed specifically for those who attend the degree programs virtually.  

Net Price: $15,341
Score: 98.4

#1. Arizona State University-Tempe – Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Arts in English


Arizona State University-Tempe offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English degree program. This program is designed with the idea that students have full control over their curriculum. During that time, students develop written, oral, and analytic skills that create the foundation for exploration and problem-solving in the professional world. Students are expected to complete 120 credits to graduate while maintaining a 2.0 GPA. The online program also touts its enrollees as a community rather than merely classmates. The English department drives learning through collaboration by promoting conversation and discussion to enhance individual analysis.

Net Price: $12,947
Score: 100

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