Five Top EdTech Events

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Top EdTech Events

  • Project 16
  • TechCrunch Disrupt SF
  • Salesforce Dreampitch
  • Forbes 30 Under 30

The five top EdTech events will help students learn more about a number of things that enrich their lives. The information found at each event will make choices simpler for the student, and working professionals may come to many of these events for help with continuing education. The work that is done at each conference may change lives, and it is important for someone to remember they may learn something new many times a year.

#1: Project 16

Project 16 is a lovely conference that will bring people together through technology and visiting live. Companies and business owners may grow, and they will learn together in a place that helps them see how their companies may come together. It is quite important that someone who wishes to learn will attend the conference for more than learning. They will make friends in other industries, and they may have lovely connections that will help the company grow more after the conference ends.

#2: TechCrunch Disrupt SF

TechCrunch is a time where professional programmers may come together and work on new learning opportunities. The conference is a lovely place to visit, and it helps the visitors come together on new projects that will enlighten them. The people who turn up to the event will have a good time exploring the city, and they will meet new people who may become their business partners, friends and networking help for the future.


ATECH is a conference where everyone is there to learn, to work together and to focus on how technology changes the world. Someone attending ATECH will quite enjoy working with other professionals in the industry on new projects that are meant to teach. Those who are learning about programming will find more ideas for creating better working, and they will quite enjoy the people they meet at the conference. Learning about programming is simple, and the conference is a welcoming place for all.

#4: Salesforce Dreampitch

Salesforce Dreampitch is a lovely conference where salesmen all come together to ensure the attendees are learning about new ways to approach their clients. Finding customers and making the best sales pitch is important, and there are quite a few people who will come in to meet others who do their job. It is a fun time for someone who wishes to learn to sell better, and the networking opportunities are boundless when someone attends the conference for the first time.

#5: Forbes 30 Under 30

Forbes Magazine does quite a lot of work helping the business world learn who is doing the best work. They rank companies, and they are searching for professionals who are doing the finest work. The 30 Under 30 conference is a place where many will come together to learn from the greatest young minds in business. It is a good place to network, and it helps professionals learn about their industry from someone who is succeeding.

The conferences that are attended around the world teach people in business how to do their best work. They find many pieces of information that will help them perform well on the job, and they will network at each conference. The five top EdTech events will ensure more learning, connection and advancement for professionals.

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