Five Professional Accounting Associations to Check Out

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Professional Accounting Associations

  • The American Finance Association
  • Advance Women in Accounting and Finance
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • Professional Association of Small Business Accountants
  • Young CPA Network

Every industry has professional organizations because they provide unlimited value to the members. This is no different for accounting professionals. Professional associations can give members a place to network, increase their knowledge, brush up on skills, attend conferences or learn of new developments in the industry.

The American Finance Association

The AFA considers itself the premiere organization devoted to the study of financial economics. The first meeting was held in 1939 in Philadelphia, and since then, there's been a steady growth of membership. There are officers as well as a board of directors for the association. They provide networking opportunities to its members as well as knowledge and education about the current financial problems in the world. They provide members with a serial journal that has been in existence since 1946.

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Advance Women in Accounting and Finance

Previously known as the American Society of Women Accountants, the ASWA gives its members a national directory of members from across the country. There are numerous conferences throughout the year including national conferences. The association gives out scholarships each year as well as providing a career center for its members. As a ASWA member, women are given the chance to publish approved content on the blog that gives them national exposure as an authority in their field. Each January, they have a meeting where the president of the association speaks on a relevant financial topic at length.

National Association of Black Accountants

The NABA began in 1969 when less than 1% of all the CPAs in the U.S. were African American. This is a non-profit association for African American or minority members. In the years since its inception, they've done a lot to provide opportunities and support for minority accountants in the field of finance. The association offers scholarships, networking and programs for its members. NABA has numerous events for its members in a variety of cities and states from New York to Atlanta to San Francisco.

Professional Association of Small Business Accountants

While some professionals in the world of accounting are serving corporations and working within large, global giants, there are others who are helping small businesses thrive. This association provides accountants with the resources they need to provide the best advice and service to small business owners. This association also encourages its members to open their own firms to provide services for more than one small business. They're also listed in the database that can be accessed by small business owners to find suitable accountants for their business. Most small business owners have a problem with taxes, so they'll be looking for reputable accountants to help.

Young CPA Network

The Young CPA network is a part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. It's an opportunity for young professionals starting out in their field to be mentored by more experienced members of the group. There are special meetings where professional peers with more experience will provide the young CPAs with education and career skills that will help them stand out as professionals in their new field.

While it would be wonderful to attend every conference and soak up the knowledge of professionals from around the world, those looking for the right association will have to investigate and research the ones that will provide them with the most benefits. It often comes down to a personal decision based on the knowledge to be acquired at the meetings or by networking with others in the financial world.

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