Five Popular Preschool Teacher Blogs

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Preschool Teacher Blogs

  • Kid's Creative Chaos
  • Pre-Kinders
  • Teacher Tom
  • Bakers and Astronauts
  • Teaching Tolerance

As a student enrolled in an early childhood education program, you can benefit significantly from reading some of the more popular preschool teacher blogs. Early childhood education programs often require that you observe working teachers before doing some work in the classroom yourself. Reading the top blogs every week can help you pick up tips to use in your classes while in school and after you start your career.

Kid's Creative Chaos

Anyone who ever looked for activities and projects for kids online knows that many people post pictures of successful projects that look like adults did all the work. Lora Langston, the woman behind Kid's Creative Chaos, wanted to show teachers and parents that life isn't always perfect. Her blog offer tips and ideas for activities and projects that are suitable for younger kids. Instead of showing projects that look absolutely perfect, she shares images of the projects that kids actually did, which can sometimes look a little chaotic. The blog proves that even if things do not go perfectly that your students will still have fun.


Pre-Kinders is a great blog for early childhood educators just starting out. Created by Karen Cox, this blog includes almost everything you need to know about teaching kids and helping them get ready for kindergarten. Some of the posts include tips and ideas on working with kids and projects that help them learn colors, numbers, letters and shapes. Other posts cover things that teachers need to know about working with kids of a younger age. One of the top posts is on mistakes that new teachers commonly make.

Teacher Tom

People tend to think of preschool teachers as women, but Teacher Tom hopes to change all that through his blog of the same name. Tom, the owner and writer for the blog, has a beard, wears a long red cape and doesn't look at all like your traditional preschool teachers. He believes that teachers can learn as much from their students as those students learn from their teachers. The Teacher Tom blog features hundreds of articles on everything from art projects and motor skills development activities to projects suitable for major holidays and songs he teaches his kids.

Bakers and Astronauts

Allie Bishop Pasquier created Bakers and Astronauts in 2008 as a way to reflect on her time in the classroom and to discuss some the failures and successes she experienced. The blog eventually became so popular that she registered the domain name and created social media accounts to go along with it. This blog is unique because it covers less traditional subjects like how you can use music in your classroom and encourage your students to use new technology. She even shares playlists of the music she uses in her own classes.

Teaching Tolerance

On its list of the best and most popular preschool teacher blogs, book publisher Scholastic listed Teaching Tolerance. Teaching Tolerance is a branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center and believes that it is never too early to begin teaching children about tolerance and acceptance. This blog includes links to articles about tolerance and reviews of books that teachers might want to read, but it also includes activities that are suitable for kids of all ages. You'll find information relating to voting and politics, LGBTQ people and civil rights issues.

Early childhood education majors typically work in preschool settings and help students develop the skills to succeed in kindergarten and later in elementary school. Reading the most popular preschool teacher blogs is a great way to find new activities and information you can use with your students.

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