Popular Information Technology Blogs to Follow

  • TechRepublic
  • InformationWeek
  • InfoWorld
  • Galido Networks

What are five popular information technology blogs to follow? For IT professionals, blogs can be a valuable resource. From discussing information technology metrics to understanding emerging trends, blogs are often the best way to stay updated on the field. Here are five of the most popular blogs to follow that deal specifically with information technology.

1. TechRepublic

A popular information technology blog is TechRepublic, a site that focuses on empowering IT professionals by bringing them the latest news on IT from expert writers in the field. With a great group of contributors filing around 116 posts per week, it is also one of the most up-to-date blogs on the internet and is ranked as the top blog in the field by Alexa. With the ability to browse forums, sign up for newsletters, and engage in research, all on the blog, TechRepublic remains a shining example of what an IT blog should provide for its readers.

2. InformationWeek

InformationWeek is a popular information technology blog that focuses on digital business. It has been a trusted blog in the IT community for years and continues to inform the business sector on how information technology will inform their field going forward. Averaging about 11 posts per week, this blog focuses on in-depth analysis of information technology and business; more articles can be found on its network of blogs. The comments section is also a great place for professionals to network and can provide great insight on how IT strategies are working in different sectors.

3. InfoWorld

One of the most popular IT blogs on the internet is InfoWorld, which focuses on IT news and strategies along with articles on other technology and business articles. This blog, which averages about 35 posts a week, is an invaluable resource for professionals who are interested in IT and how it affects business and technology. With a focus on how future-focused tech will affect information technology, professionals and students who are interested in this field will learn about the dynamics of the field as it stands now as well as how future technology may impact it going forward.

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4. Galido Networks

A popular IT blog that stands out from the crowd is Galido Networks. This blog is run by an actual IT consulting firm, meaning that each post is written by an expert in the field. While this blog does not have the highest number of blog posts each week, it is by far one of the most comprehensive sites to visit for IT professionals and casual learners alike. The network also provides links to other popular IT blogs, ensuring that every post is well-sourced and links out to other helpful articles. It also helps that this is the top-rated information technology blog on both the Google and Bing search engines.

5. ZDNet

One of the most popular information technology blogs is ZDNet, which has a massive following on social media. This blog, which averages about 350 posts per week, is one that focuses on information technology and the events and trends that inform the field. With a growing roster of writers from all over the world, this blog remains one of the best sources of information and analysis, providing new articles around the clock. From hot topics to emerging issues, ZDNet covers the breadth of information technology in an easy-to-understand format that will leave every reader wanting more.

Information technology is a field that changes as often as the weather. There are always new advancements and issues that arise, making it important for professionals in the field to have access to accurate and in-depth reporting. With these five popular information technology blogs to follow, professionals and students alike can continue their education in their field, all while surfing the internet.

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