Five Popular Human Resources Blogs to Follow

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Human Resources Blogs to Follow

  • Evil HR Lady
  • HR Bartender
  • Fistful of Talent
  • HR Ringleader
  • The Employer Handbook

Human resources is an interesting career path. It can have some unique challenges and rewarding experiences that are not part of other careers. Whether you're entering the workplace as a human resources professional or are already spending your day dealing with HR decisions, blogs will help you stay informed. They're a great way to stay on top of trends and news in the industry.

Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas, has been a name well-known in human resources for approximately a decade. You'll see her on many HR blogs as well as other websites related to business. Her tagline is "Demystifying Your Human Resources Department," and while her blog is named Evil HR Lady, she says that all HR people are not evil. They really like people and want to serve the employees of the company. She answers many HR questions on her blog, so if you have questions, it's a great resource.

HR Bartender

This blog is run by Sharlyn Lauby who was previously an HR manager but turned her attention to providing consultant services to companies in need. She answers popular questions on her blog. She covers topics involving inappropriate boss and employee relationships, how to measure success of your HR program and how to increase employee engagement. She has an entire page on her website dedicated to tutorials on things like how to build a successful mentoring program and how to negotiate your next salary.

Fistful of Talent

This site has many contributors to its blog like the creator Kris Dunn, William Tincup who serves on the board of advisors for Ajax Workforce Marketing and Causecast and Holland Dombeck who was an editor and now has her hand in the podcast. There are other contributors who take a break from their own blogs to add their take on the world of human resources at FOT. They'll talk about recruiting, performance and digital interviewing. It's a great source of information.

HR Ringleader

Trish McFarlane has been an HR professional for many years, and she offers rich topics that are incredibly informative for anyone involved in human resources. She has blog categories like employee coaching and development, employee engagement and technology. There are happy hour podcast topics like steps to reimagine and reinvent your workplace as well as the evolving role of the recruiter. One interesting post covers the idea that older generations are often ignored or become invisible as human resources focuses on making young employees happy when older workers have a wealth of knowledge. There are thought-provoking ideas covered all the time.

The Employer Handbook

This blog is written by Eric Meyer, who is a lawyer focused on the labor and employment cases within his firm. He walks you through the pay practices for employees as well as disabilities and trade secret disputes within a company. Severance arrangements, contractual breaches and collective bargaining are areas he touches on at The Employer Handbook too. It answers many legal questions you may have in the human resources department.

When dealing with employees and the human aspect of human resources, every situation is different. You might be struggling with a thorny situation in your department or want to keep yourself current on trends and issues within the industry. HR blogs are a fantastic way to connect with others in the field and see what they're discussing in other companies.

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