Five Popular Health Information Technology Blogs to Follow

Updated January 12, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Popular Health Information Technology Blogs to Follow

  • The Healthcare Blog
  • Health IT Buzz
  • Candid CIO
  • Health IT Connect
  • Docnotes

The health care industry is rapidly growing, and many professionals are looking for popular health information technology blogs to follow. The top websites in the health IT field offer current information on emerging trends, news and techniques related to information technology in health care. Many websites are operated by current and former chief information officers in the health care industry, so readers can get an insider’s view of the work that professionals in this field do every day. Staying informed about health care technology is important for health IT professionals, and the following blogs are essential reading for anyone in this field.

The Healthcare Blog

The Healthcare Blog is a major online publication that keeps readers informed about current news and events in the health IT world. It’s a must-read blog for professionals in the health care industry, including hospital executives, health care providers, IT professionals, doctors, nurses and staff. With an editorial team of eight highly experienced health care professionals, the Healthcare Blog has the credentials and credibility to give readers relevant, useful information without any filler or unreliable nonsense. Authors on the Healthcare Blog include doctors, nurses, hospital managers, IT specialists and health care experts. Anyone who wants to follow the conversation happening within the health care industry should follow this blog.

Health IT Buzz

Health IT Buzz is a health care blog that’s focused on information technology in the hospital and health care industry. It’s operated by The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Health IT Buzz contains valuable information about the tools and technology that make caring for hundreds of millions of Americans more efficient and reliable. Contributors to this government website consist of professional doctors and health IT experts. Subjects explored by Health IT Buzz include health data, interoperability, privacy and security, certification and electronic record keeping.

Candid CIO

Will Weider is the health care CIO behind the indispensable health IT blog Candid CIO. Anyone interested in the professional world of health IT should keep up with the regular publications of Weider on his blog. He is the current CIO of the expansive health care network PeaceHealth, which operates 10 hospitals and clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some of the topics Weider covers on his blog include health IT employment, health care technology, customer service, human resources, interoperability and corporate health care partnerships. As the name of his blog suggests, Weider is candid about the reality of the health care industry and the challenges it presents to professionals working in it.

Health IT Connect

Sue Schade is the health IT consultant responsible for the excellent Health IT Connect blog. She has over 30 years of experience in the health IT industry, and her blog covers a wide range of important topics. From health care leadership and technology to human resources and best practices, Health IT Connect gives readers valuable resources and information to use in their careers and daily lives. Whether you are planning to go to college for health care IT or you have decades of experience, you can learn worthwhile information from Sue Schade’s insightful blog posts.


Jacob Reider is a family medical doctor who publishes in-depth blog posts on his website Docnotes. Whether you want to learn about hospital computer technology, family medicine, industry news or the state of the health care industry, Docnotes is a great blog to follow. Dr. Reider publishes articles regularly, and he offers helpful information on his social media pages.

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Keeping up with the world of health information technology is an important part of working as a doctor, nurse, hospital CIO or health IT professional. These five popular health information technology blogs to follow can give you valuable insight for your career and help you perform your job with greater proficiency.

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