Five Popular Finance Blogs to Follow

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Finance Blogs to Follow

  • The College Investor
  • Budgets are Sexy
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • Afford Anything
  • Consumerist

Possibly the most important lesson you learn outside the classroom is how to handle money. For millennials, it can be tough to wade through all the financial advice being offered by concerned parents, friends, and teachers– not to mention all the advice online!

One of the best ways to learn effective money management is to follow a great blog. Discover the best of the most popular finance blogs below.

Best Blog to Learn How to Invest: The College Investor

The world of investing is often seen as populated by stodgy old men in suits. Robert Farrington aims to change that with his blog offering up a great investing manual for millennials. The College Investor is a practical tool to help anyone get out of student loan debt and start building a strong financial future.

Articles to start with: The College Student’s Guide to Investing and Eight Ways to Eliminate Your Student Loan Debt.

Best Relatable Finance Blog: Budgets are Sexy

J. Money has become one of the most popular financial bloggers on the net thanks to his unique, funny voice. He incorporates pop culture tidbits (Simpson GIFs anyone?) and great stories into blog posts that are succinct and smart. He’s covered topics ranging from budgets and family finances to savings and side hustles. The blog isn’t the only resource from J. Money either– he has several other projects, including curating the best financial content at Rockstar Finance.

Articles to start with: Do the Best You Can, Dummy and If This Were My Last Post on Money.

Best Blog to Save Money: The Penny Hoarder

Have you ever found money in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn recently? The experience of finding money always makes your day. Now, experience that sensation every day using the tips from the Penny Hoarder. At 23 million monthly readers, the Penny Hoarder is a personal finance superstar. Their main focus is helping you save and make money. If you’ve ever wondered how you can make extra money with your free time, check out this blog.

Articles to start with: 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home and 100 Places that Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday.

Best Blog for Achieving Financial Freedom: Afford Anything

If you’ve ever wished you could break free from the monotony of everyday cubicle living, then this is the blog for you. Nearly ten years ago, Paula Pant quit her job to travel the world and never looked back. But this isn’t a travel blog– it’s a financial freedom blog revealing how she was able to achieve her dream. Afford Anything offers tips on frugal living, passive income, productivity, and real estate to help you afford anything too. Paula also hosts a podcast and offers a weekly newsletter and consulting, with an upcoming financial course.

Posts to start with: The 12 Essential Lessons You Must Learn About Money & Life

and “I Want to Create Passive Income, But I Don’t Know Where to Start” — Part I.

Best Blog for Becoming Informed: Consumerist

The goal of Consumerist is to provide quality, up to date financial news so that everyone can become an informed consumer. This not-for-profit is a part of Consumer Reports and offers quality, ad-free independent news. They’re not afraid to stand up for the consumer and reveal the dark side of companies. Maximize your consumer power and remain vigilant about the way you interact with the market with this blog.

Post to start with: Can You Actually Haggle on the Price of a New TV or Laptop? It’s Worth a Shot and Why are Greeting Cards so Expensive Anyway?.

Becoming a financial wizard can seem like an uphill battle, but with the right resources, it’s smooth sailing. Whether your goals involve saving, investing, or simply making more, take the first steps to achieving them with these popular finance blogs.

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