Popular Education Technology Blogs

  • Innovative Educator
  • The Daring Librarian
  • Edudemic
  • EdTech Roundup
  • Mindshift

There are five popular education technology blogs listed here for the reader, and each one will help students find better ways to learn. Teachers learning educational technology concepts will find better ways to teach, and administrators will find new implementation techniques when they read the following blogs. This article will explain how each blog offers needed information to readers, and it will help readers learn where to find what they need. Education technology will continue to change, and it cannot change without help from education writers.

#1: Innovative Educator

The Innovative Educator is a lovely blog that shows teachers how they may use the technology in their classrooms. It is quite important that someone who has instructional technology in the room knows how to use it, and they will learn quite a lot by reading the blog. The blog offers many different takes on how to use technology, and the lessons are written on the blog for teachers to lift and adjust for their personal needs.

#2: The Daring Librarian

The Daring Librarian helps teachers who are searching for help with books and reading. They may use many different techniques found on the page, and they may bring each new lesson to their classroom without any trouble. Students may read more because of the techniques that were learned on the site, and they will enjoy books more as they become more interactive.

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#3: Edudemic

Edudemic is a blog that collects all the lessons and techniques of the day in one place. There are quite a few people who are unsure of what they may do to include technology in their lessons, and they will find something for their subject area that helps them add technology where required. Every teacher is asked to add technology to their lessons every day, and they are often struggling to find a new way of implementing what they need. Edudemic has lessons plans, tools and articles that will help the teacher make the right decision.

#4: EdTech Roundup

EdTech Roundup aggregates all the technology news of education into a blog that is easy to read. Someone who wishes to keep up with education technology without spending much time reading may check in with the blog, and they will find new articles every day geared to their specific needs. Teachers are pressed for time while learning a new way to teach, and this blog is much more useful than scouring the Internet endlessly.

#5: Mindshift

Mindshift does just what it says. It asks the teacher to shift their mind to a new way of thinking, and they may use the shift in their mind to ensure students are having the best experience in their classrooms. There are lessons and articles on the site that are quite helpful, and there are unique approaches to education on the site that will not be found in other locations.

Every blog on the list will ensure there are resources for teachers who are incorporating technology in their classrooms. They are expected to create lessons that ensure students are engaging with technology, and they may read every day about education technology that is easy to use and understand. Blogs are easier to read than expansive websites, and they are written by working teachers. The five popular education technology blogs listed will ensure every student is taught appropriately.

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