Five Popular Education Blogs for Teachers and Administrators

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Education Blogs for Teachers and Administrators

  • News: This Week In Education
  • Policy: Schools Matter
  • Research: Free Range Librarian
  • Teacher Life: The Secret Teacher
  • Administration: Eduwonk

As an educator, you are always searching for reputable sources for news and information related to the ever-changing landscape that is education. We have compiled five popular education blogs for teachers and administrators that regularly post accurate and interesting feature articles, news stories, analysis, and commentary for your enjoyment. Read on to learn about five of the most popular education blogs you should check out today!

1. News: This Week In Education

The first of our popular education blogs is Scholastic's This Week In Education blog provides an in depth look into the current events unfolding in the vast world of education. This is the blog to visit for daily and weekly education news. You'll find all the information required to stay up to date on innovations and changes that influence your career, whether you're a teacher or administrator. Each day, the blog posts a variety of links to some of the greatest sources in news so you can read the stories most relevant to your interests and skip the rest!

2. Policy: Schools Matter

Full of upfront and opinion-packed posts on policy, Schools Matter is a valuable resource in the face of a political climate that seems destined to change education in the United States whether for better or for worse. Schools Matter regularly posts, and it's hard to tell which side of the aisle they support. Their policy critiques are scathing and at the same time refreshing at a time where educators seem forced to choose a side. From national standards to in-depth analysis of regulations state-by-state, no topic is spared by this popular education blog.

3. Research: Free Range Librarian

Renowned speaker and Dean of the Library at Sonoma State University, K.G. Shneider talks about libraries, writing, research, and aspects of every day life on her popular blog Free Range Librarian. Read as Schneider tackles subjects like academics in a hostile political climate, equal and civil rights, issues in the world of scholarly publishing, and the lighter side with writings about personal experiences with homebrewing. This blog has it all-- from serious to subtle and everything in between.

4. Teacher Life: The Secret Teacher

One of The Guardian's most popular education related blogs, Secret Teacher shares the story of one anonymous educator weekly. On this platform, a teacher can tell their deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets about the job of educating the nation's children, and sometimes adults, with the veil of anonymity protecting their identity. Read about teachers from high-profile and respected schools as they dish what really happens behind the scenes or how technology like wi-fi and smartphones in schools is making the teaching of children harder than ever. This blog is great for teachers who need someone to relate to and administrators that want a peek into the lives of their staff.

5. Administration: Eduwonk

As you know, administrators are busy and don't have a lot of time to read for pleasure. When shopping for a blog to regularly read, it needs to have posts that are short, to the point, and on topic. Eduwonk is a great blog for administrators by an administrator (Bellwether Education Partners' Andrew J. Rotherham) whom always posts relevant news and information in lively, short, and easy to read posts. This blog is sure to make you think deeply and inspire you in work and life, through research and policy. Check out Eduwonk and see why it is such a popular source for education news, analysis, and commentary.

Choosing A Blog To Regularly Read

When searching for an education blog to read regularly, seek out one that inspires you and is written in a voice that speaks to you. It's nice to read work from writers all across the globe that you can relate to. You'll know you aren't alone and you might even learn something new!

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