Five Popular Business Blogs to Follow

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Popular Business Blogs to Follow

  • LinkedIn Today
  • Steve Blank
  • All Business
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Open Forum from American Express

After leaving college and heading out into the business world, you might think you're done learning. In fact, you should be staying current on professional business trends and current news that might impact your business. From business books to blogs on current business topics, it's important to stay in the loop.

LinkedIn Today

This is a great business blog to follow because it will show you relevant blog posts from your business connections as well as their connections. These curated articles are shared based on your industry too. This makes it a great place to get all your business news. Business professionals can use this as a way to stay in contact and see who has commented on certain articles and posts. Connect with influencers in your industry through their blog posts and comments too. When you can see what your connections and their connections are sharing, you know it's worthy of your time. You don't have to wade through old or erroneous information to find the gems.

Steve Blank

As a professor at multiple universities, Blank teaches entreneurship to thousands of students. He's also an author with a book called Four Steps to the Epiphany. His posts cover many business topics, and his teaching style comes through in his blog posts. He uses step-by-step instructions and graphs to illustrate his points. It's easy to see the teacher in the blog. He has an entire page full of tools and resources for business professionals too. There are over 500 videos and presentations that he's given to his students. He shares his entire syllabi and class lectures on the blog.

All Business

When it comes to advice from experts, All Business has a collection of industry leaders from the marketing world to financial management. The blog has a variety of instructional articles like how-to, instructional posts to analysis of certain areas of business. Content is uploaded each day including weekends, so you'll always have new blog posts to read. On their resource page, there is a 175-page guide to starting a business. There are other guides on incorporation, hiring employees and office leases. There are checklists, forms and agreements on topics like Small Business Legal Audit Checklist or Joint Ventures Issues Checklist. There's so much information, it's impossible to touch on it all in one or two sittings.

Harvard Business Review

There are pages and pages of articles that have been sorted into popular categories from managing staff, leadership and strategy to marketing, entrepreneurship and work-life balance. Every business is covered with their extensive website full of informative posts. Subjects include accounting, branding, business history, business law and business writing in all types of industries. You'll have to register to read their extensive collection of posts for industries like advertising, marketing and public relations or food and beverage or media.

Open Forum from American Express

While this is a credit card company, they have a great blog with informative articles and videos for the small business owner. Even if you don't have a card, you can read articles and see discussions on the forum. They have categories like Planning for Growth and Getting Customers with subcategories that should help business owners with growing their business.

Business blogs are a great way to keep learning about business even long after you've graduated from college. There are valuable blogs that can help you stay current as well as learn new business concepts for your industry.

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