Five Popular Blogs for School Counselors

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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School Counselor Blogs

  • Good Therapy
  • It's My Life
  • The College Solution
  • The School Counselor Kind
  • Teens Against Bullying

As a school counselor, there is a ton of information to be learned as times change. While a counselor will learn basic therapy techniques in college, she will also need to learn what works best with a certain group of children and how they'll interact on a daily basis with the kids. Perusing school counselor blogs can introduce current information and give the counselor ideas on how to deal with the children in her own school.

Good Therapy

This website advocates for ethical therapy with a blog that has timely and vital information. One article deals with suggestions on how children can develop their digital intelligence when dealing with social media. Other topics address how to keep an ADHD child organized and how to deal with teens who are worried about bullying or fitting in with other kids in class. This blog is updated quite frequently with at least 5 articles per week.

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It's My Life

The blog for PBS Kids is called It's My Life, and it covers topics with the tagline “real stuff for tweens,” which can help school counselors keep current on the topics that will interest their charges. While it has less serious entries like "Who is hot in the world of tween celebrities?," there are also topics regarding bullying, how to survive the summer if you're alone at home and dealing with death. There's also a journal page where counselors dealing with school-age children can find topics that will encourage kids to journal their thoughts and feelings.

The College Solution

Not all school counselors will be advising middle school kids on ways to deal with bullying. High school counselors will also have to give guidance on college admissions. This isn't something school counselors will necessarily learn in school themselves. They'll have had their own experiences to draw from, but they'll also need more information to advise the teens in high school. This blog can give information for those who are dealing with high school seniors heading to college.

The School Counselor Kind

This supportive blog is written by one elementary school counselor in Maine who talks about timely topics like anxiety, behavior and being an advocate for her students. Along with providing information and anecdotes from her own experiences, she provides a platform for learning for other counselors who want to help their students with conflict resolution, building resiliency from failures and other timely emotional topics.

Teens Against Bullying

Many schools have a no-tolerance policy for bullying in its varied forms. This website has a ton of information for the teen who is bullied as well as for the child who is bullying others. There are personal stories from teens who have seen bullying or been bullied and what was done to stop the cycle. It has suggestions regarding what to do, like tell an adult, and the site lets teens know that they have the right not to be bullied.

These are some popular blogs for school counselors who want to learn the latest information about topics like bullying, college admissions or dealing with students who have learning challenges.

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