Five Networking Tips for Executive MBA Students

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Networking Tips for Executive MBA Students

  • Attend Conferences
  • Identify the People You Want to Network With
  • Take Advantage of Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Follow up
  • Be a Team Player

Networking is not all about building relationships with like-minded individuals or professionals in a specific field. It must also focus on creating quality contacts and having a lot of acquaintances. EMBA students need to find people who excel in their career fields and get to know them better through networking. Here some crucial networking tips you need to consider.

Attend Conferences

Conferences are prime platforms for meeting business leaders from your field. You get the chance to share the same space and even talk to them on a personal level. Events such as the annual Executive MBA Council Conference give you the chance to hear from great speakers in your field and meet other EMBA students from all over the world. Get the list of attendees to see who you would like to connect with. You need to stay near the conference hotel for convenience and to maximize your opportunities. Arrive at the conference room earlier enough to get a strategic place where you can meet the people you would like to engage. Your posture and movement should be confident and relaxed, especially when talking to people.

Identify the People You Want to Network With

Look at all the people you want to network with and determine whether they are worth the effort. Look at the person’s credentials, career positions as well as his influence in the organization he works for. Doing this will help you to figure out genuine people who can help you develop. Consider someone who works in your field for accurate prospects. You should also trust your gut instincts from the past interactions. Someone who seems friendly and ready to engage you in conversations is more suitable than one who seems aloof and guarded.

Take Advantage of Face-to-Face Meetings

Reach out to your contacts and schedule face-to-face meetings. Start with the people you feel most comfortable with. You will have the best chance with someone you already know than the one you don't. The interaction will build your confidence and enhance your networking skills. Introduce yourself to your classmates and get to know them better. Let the people you are talking to know that you adore them by complementing their dressing or congratulating them on their great achievements. Do not talk too much about yourself. The more you focus only on yourself, the more the other person will see you as arrogant and walk away.

Follow up

Networking takes more than attending conferences and having face-to-face meetings. It is vital you be thankful and follow up on the contacts you have made. Ensure you send at least an email or a note after the first meeting. If the person gave you some advice, follow up for constant feedback and let him know how thankful you are for his contribution. Following up shows that you are thoughtful, reliable and confident. You can make a good impression by sending a handwritten note. You can also connect with the person on LinkedIn to create a permanent touch with him.

Be a Team Player

Most EMBA projects feature programs that require students to work closely with their tutors and classmates through emails, conference calls and discussion boards. Make sure you produce results that will make a lasting impact on the team and supervisors. Be friendly and always smile. Do not be afraid to pick up conversations with others working on the same project. Always be ready to offer your support on complex tasks. Develop a positive and optimistic attitude. No one likes to work with someone who is unreliable. Ensure you keep in touch with the team members, even if the project has ended.

Proper networking is the catalyst for your success as an EMBA student. It gives you a platform to continually meet new people and build a promising career. The tips discussed above will help you build the confidence and get quality acquaintances.

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