Five Must-Attend Human Resources Conferences

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Must-Attend Human Resources Conferences

  • Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference
  • Society for Human Resource Management Conference
  • ASHHRA Annual Conference & Exposition
  • HR Technology Conference and Expo
  • HR Southwest Conference

As an HR professional, you can form working relationships and connections with other professionals at the top human resources conferences. These conferences bring together people in the business field and let them pick up tips from others. You'll have the chance to attend lectures hosted by some of the top names in the field, network during social hours and even find new talent who might be perfect for your company.

Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference

The Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference is an annual HR conference hosted by the Human Capital Institute. It usually takes place during the first weekend in March. The Human Capital Institute created this conference as a way to encourage HR professionals to work on developing new skills and to enhance their existing skills base. Visitors have the chance to meet and greet with guest lecturers as well as attend experts and chat with those experts during social hours. It also features workshops and case study presentations.

Society for Human Resource Management Conference

One of the top human resources conferences held every year is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference. This conference takes place in the middle of June and offers tickets for both individuals and groups. You can even book a block of 10 or more rooms in the hotel that holds the conference for your entire department. Keynote speakers include management professionals and entrepreneurs who have years of experience. You can attend workshops and lectures on everything from talent acquisition and staffing recruitment to global human resources and employee retention.

ASHHRA Annual Conference & Exposition

This conference, which takes place near the end of September, is before health care professionals. Hosted by the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration, 2017 will mark the 52nd anniversary of the conference. One of the best features of this conference is that attending it will let you meet some of the hours of advanced study required for your health care certification. Nearly 200 companies set up stalls and sell products that those working in health care management need. Many of the workshops and activities focus on improving the management of health care facilities.

HR Technology Conference and Expo

Attending the HR Technology Conference and Expo in October will help you learn more about the new technology that HR professionals like yourself can use to make your job easier. It features talent acquisition experts who can help you better understand what prospective employees look for when searching for jobs and how you can make your own open positions stand out. This conference is unique because it offers workshops and discussions on new issues such as mobile recruitment and recruiting new employees through social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

HR Southwest Conference

Also set in October, the HR Southwest Conference offers guests the chance to learn skills that they can easily put into action and practice. More than 2,000 people working in human resources attend this conference each year. While many come from states in the southwest, the event is open to professionals from across the country. The workshops available help you develop strong skills relating to talent acquisition, staffing, compensation and benefits and general HR management. Attending will also count towards the hours of education you need for different HR certifications.

Though you can be an effective HR manager or department head with the skills and education you already have, you can become even better with the skills and tips you pick up at some of the leading conferences. The top human resources conferences are suitable for experienced professionals and those just starting out.

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