Five Must-Attend Conferences for Special Education Teachers

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Conferences for Special Education Teachers

  • Council for Exceptional Children Conference
  • World Congress on Special Needs Education
  • International Association of Special Education
  • Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities
  • Pacific Northwest Institute on Special Education and the Law

Learning from other educators is the best way for teachers to get better at their craft. This is especially true for special education teachers whose challenging job is constantly changing. This new information means that special education teachers need to update their best practices regularly. Special Education conferences are a fantastic way to reflect on your own teaching, stay connected with other educators, and stay on top of your field. Here are the Five Must-Attend Conferences for Special Education Teachers.

Council for Exceptional Children Conference

The CEC is a great conference that encompasses a variety of topics that support the needs of special education teachers, administrators, and support staff. Presentations range from emotional and behavioral support, support on specific disorders (autism, ADHD, etc.), policy and legislation, and hundreds of other resources.

Attendees can connect with other educators, mentors, and leaders in the field of special education. They can attend over 500 workshops that support procedures relating to IEP’s, connect with practicums and other teacher courses, and overall best practices.

World Congress on Special Needs Education

The WCSNE is an international conference that brings world thought leaders together to collaborate, educate, and problem solve on topics relating to special needs education. This conference is an excellent choice for those dedicated to the continued progress of theory and best practices.

Connect with experts from educational sectors around the globe. The WCSNE focuses on topics that benefit a variety of educational support that is creative, innovative, and useful. They aim to provide interdisciplinary interests, strategies and tips, ways to support the knowledge gap, and promotion of research in special needs in education. The upcoming conferences will be held at the University of Cambridge in December 2017.

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International Association of Special Education

The IASE is a biennial conference that fosters global exchange among educators. They bring international delegates, teachers, administrators, and policy makers together to make real change. The presenters, lecturers, and workshop providers, and round table discussion leaders are diverse and relate to the worldwide need for collaboration.

The IASE mission is to improve the service and overall quality of life of those with special needs. Attendees to their conference can expect workshops, lectures, and resources that relate to the collaborative change and worldwide awareness of issues and developments in special needs education.

Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities

The keys to a good conference rely on the focus of the organization putting it together. DADD, or the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, holds an international conference each year emphasizing the impact of current research on special education.

Autism is all over the news today and we still don’t have a full grasp on the totality of the issue. DADD has made it their mission to uncover all they can about the disease and other developmental diseases. This means that DADD has some of the most cutting edge workshops and lectures in the field.

The conference brings in the top experts in special education and encourages attendees to collaborate directly with the speakers. This creates an energizing and innovative atmosphere in which new research projects are developed.

Pacific Northwest Institute on Special Education and the Law

The name may be a mouthful but information and solutions that come out of this conference have changed policy in the world. Focusing specifically on the laws behind special education, the Pacific Northwest Institute on Special Education and the Law conference is ideal for teachers looking to understand the tricky and complicated legal world that exists in education.

The conference is full of guest lectures from the top legal minds in education. Sharing their expertise and breaking down education policy sent down by lawmakers are the key aspects of this conference. Special education teachers are able to understand the rules that are governing their field.

One of the best things about this conference is the mini-courses. Sponsored by the University of Washington’s world renowned education department, these courses can range from student’s rights, due process in education, and classroom management.

Conferences can reenergize, reinvigorate, and bring passion to your teaching. Opportunities to collaborate, learn, network, and share ideas abound. The work of a special education teacher is difficult but rewarding. Staying on top of the best practices related to special education by going to these Five Must-Attend Conferences for Special Education Teachers will transform you from an average teacher to an exceptional one.

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