Five Hot Jobs in Healthcare Administration

Updated February 22, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Hot Jobs in Healthcare Administration

• Health Care Consultant

• Hospital Administrator

• Public Health Care Administrator

• Health Informatics Manager

• Pharmaceutical Project Manager

There are many hot jobs for those with degrees in healthcare administration. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for more physicians and healthcare professionals. Healthcare administrator and professionals are necessary to ensure these facilities are run as efficiently as possible while also providing the very best health care. Here are five hot jobs in healthcare administration.

Health Care Consultant

Healthcare consultants are professionals who work in the healthcare industry to make an organization more efficient, cost-effective and profitable as possible. While this position is possible with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree is more common. Healthcare consultants examine the structure of a business and assess its profits and efficiency, then make recommendations on how they can improve. They also interview employees and inspect employee numbers. Healthcare consultants may work for small or large companies. They are usually hired when an organization feels a need for improvement. According to May 2018 wage report by PayScale, healthcare consultants earn wages ranging from $49,297 - $139651.

Hospital Administrator

As the workers in charge of running a hospital, hospital administrators create, oversee and coordinate health and medical services. Depending on the facility, the hospital administrator may run one department, a medical practice or an entire hospital. They must be knowledgeable of government regulations, healthcare laws and ever-changing technology and adaptable to change. Their other duties include hiring, training and supervising staff members; managing the facility’s finances; creating departmental goals; creating work schedules; communicating with department heads and representing the organization at community or board meetings. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts hospital administrators in the category of medical and health services managers and predicts an employment growth of 20 percent from 2016-2026 for these workers. PayScale reports their wages range from $46,135 - $181,452.

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Public Health Care Administrator

Individuals who have a special interest in helping people in need of healthcare service may find this a very hot job in the healthcare administration field. The public healthcare administrator often works with the federal government in helping to provide care to specific groups of individuals, such as veterans, elderly or disabled individuals, just to name a few. They may work for agencies like the Red Cross, Food and Drug Administration, American Hospital Association and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. They develop and present health education in the form of workshops, seminars and conferences. They also supervise staff members and promote better health programs throughout the community. Public healthcare administrators earn wages from $40,671 - $98,492.

Health Informatics Manager

Health informatics managers are the ones in charge of a health informatics team. They make budget recommendations, provide strategic input, and monitor technology and software to make sure everything is in compliance with the law and up-to-date. They also communicate with other departments of a health facility or hospital to resolve any operating issues. Although they report to their own supervisor, the health informatics manager oversees the management and performance of healthcare date to assist in patient care. To work as a health informatics managers requires not only a degree but also a few years of work experience in the field. Health informatics managers earned wages ranging from $36,082 - $88,930, according to PayScale.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

Pharmaceutical project managers are the professionals who inspect new pharmaceutical products and also oversee the duplication of existing products the company currently makes. The project managers stay with the project from its conception right through to the end when the final product is on the shelves of stores. They’re also the ones who set the dates for completion of the products and ensure they meet the deadlines. Pharmaceutical project managers oversee data, documentation and error reports and also speak with customers regarding schedules, deliveries and new project plans. PayScale reports that pharmaceutical project managers’ wages ranged from $54,517 - $150,718 as of May 2018.

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With the many new healthcare laws and insurance dilemmas, health care is becoming more complex than ever, which increases the need for qualified healthcare professionals. Although U.S. News & World Report states that the industry is demanding more MBA graduates, there are several great jobs in healthcare administration at the baccalaureate and graduate level.

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