Five Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Jobs for MBA Graduates

  • Logistician
  • Financial Manager
  • Information Technology Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Health Services Manager

Most people who make it in life owe their success to a good education hard work. However, the major share of the commendation goes to education. People with imminent education are in high demand, especially MBA graduates. According to Graduate Management Admission Council, the demand for MBA majors is expected to increase by 10 percent throughout 2017. Prospective MBA students may consider the jobs mentioned below.

1 Logistician

A logistician analyzes and coordinates an organization’s supply chain. He monitors product acquisition, distribution and delivery processes and provides recommendations on how to improve them. People with MBAs have a wide range of opportunities in supply chain management. They can choose to become logistic consultants, purchasing managers or production coordinators. A logistician earns an average salary of $74,260 per year. However, this figure applies across all qualification levels. An MBA graduate usually earns more than $100,000. The employment rate is expected to grow by 2 percent over the next 10 years. This growth will be driven by the increased demand for logistics in manufacturing and transportation of goods by domestic and global companies.

2 Financial Manager

Companies all over the world rely heavily on the expertise of financial managers in order to thrive in a competitive business environment. A financial manager takes care of cash flow and investment activities within an organization. People with MBAs can work in the financial sector as bank managers, credit supervisors or treasurers. Many employers prefer individuals who have done business administration at a higher level and have strong problem-solving skills. A financial manager earns an average salary of $117,990. The employment rate is at 7 percent, which is more than the average.

3 Information Technology Director

Companies need the services of a professional to bridge the gap between technical performance and executive leadership. An IT director manages the computing processes for organizations in all industries. MBA graduates have a lot of opportunities in the field of IT. An information technology director earns an average salary of $131, 600 per year. The employment rate is projected to increase by 15 percent in the next 10 years. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, this growth rate is faster than the average.

4 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager supervises and creates merchandising sales campaigns in an organization. He does a critical analysis of the present and future marketing trends in the industry. He then prepares and presents a comprehensive report regarding his findings and recommendations for action. A marketing manager also establishes models and theories to help address the modern marketing issues and concerns. He oversees the product development process and makes sure it is in line with the market dynamics. A person with an MBA may be considered for a corporate post in an organization because of his vast knowledge and skills. The average salary per year is $140,060.

5 Health Services Manager

A health services manager works to ensure the hospitals and nursing centers operate smoothly and efficiently. He manages all the finances of the healthcare facility. He plans the daily activities and keeps important records. A health services manager also hires doctors, develops budgets and comes up with new policies for the staff and patients. There is increased demand for expert healthcare managers across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand to increase by 22 percent in the next eight years. The median salary for healthcare managers is $84,720. The top 10 percent, which comprises of MBA graduates, earn an average of $150,726.

The job market for MBA students is currently thriving for all professionals. The MBA jobs discussed above have the best salaries as well as a work environment that encourages productivity and personal development.

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