Five Hot Jobs for Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Bachelor’s in Business Administration Jobs

  • Market Research Analysts
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Financial Managers
  • Logistician Professionals
  • Purchasing Managers

In a tough economic climate, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration may be the solution for a competitive job market. Students with this degree are prepared via courses in business strategy and policy, accounting, marketing, financial management and others, making them ready to face the demands of the fast-paced business world. Check out these top five jobs that can be obtained with a degree in business administration.

1. Market Research Analysts

Instead of purchasing products for consumers like purchasing managers, market research analysts are responsible for knowing which products consumers are interested in as well as how much consumers are willing to pay for the products. When market research analysts collect information from questionnaires, polls and surveys, they employ their understanding of purchasing, supply and demand. Once a market research analyst obtains data, he or she will analyze the information to produce demographics, consumer preferences, sales trends and other information for his or her client, which is typically a corporation. With the BLS predicting 19 percent growth through 2024, market research analysts are one of the hottest careers from graduates with a degree in business administration.

2. Accounting Professionals

As the state and federal tax laws become more intricate, the need for accounting professionals increases. Although most people believe an accounting career requires a degree in accounting, business accounting also includes acquisitions tax management, payables and receivables professionals, compliance officers and bookkeeping professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of accounting is expected to increase 11 percent through 2022.

3. Financial Managers

In 2015, financial managers earned a median salary of $117,990. These professionals are charged with the task of overseeing the finances of large corporations, agencies and other entities. They are also responsible for projecting profits, preparing financial reports, producing cash-flow statements and making other types of financial analyses for the companies for whom they work. In addition, financial managers must comply with regulations, and while this job market may not grow as fast as other careers, the need for financial managers is expected to increase nearly seven percent through 2024.

4. Logistician Professionals

Although you might not have heard about a logistician professional, this individual works behind the scenes to analyze and coordinate the supply chain to different companies. Logistician professionals are the driving force behind relationships between the supplier and the organization, and since this career involves managing the product’s complete life cycle, it is ever-changing. Logistician professionals implement strategies for the smartest, most cost- and time-effective ways to move products. The BLS indicates this field will grow two percent through 2024.

5. Purchasing Managers

A purchasing manager is the one in charge of buying services or products that consumers need. He or she has the responsibility to negotiate, analyze proposals, examine various products and research their price values as they compare to other similar products, and a purchasing manager will also review how the product performs once it is distributed. The BLS projects that the need for retail purchasing managers is expected to grow two percent through 2024.

In today’s seemingly motionless job market, careers in business administration are on the rise, and these five hot jobs are certainly ones to consider. Since business administration is the study of the fundamental components of how businesses function, and businesses are popping up now more than ever, it stands to reason that this field will not see any decrease in growth in the near future. Students wishing to grab a piece of the business pie may consider earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, which will prepare them with the education and experience necessary to succeed in these roles.

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