Five Hot Jobs for Associate’s in Information Technology

Updated February 15, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Associate's in Information Technology Jobs

  • Software Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • System Analyst
  • Mobile Developer
  • Application Developers

Information Technology, or IT, is a phrase you have probably heard. Information Technology experts are highly specialized in their line of work. They are essential to just about every business in the modern world. If a company uses computers or phones, there is a good chance they need an IT expert to keep things working properly. One of the benefits of getting an Associate in Information Technology is that the pay is quite good and demand is quite high. Here are some of the jobs you can work in as an IT expert:

1. Software Engineer

There is a good chance you are running a software program right now. For instance, the browser you are using is a software program. Even when you play games or typing an invoice for your small business, you are using a software program. Software engineers develop all of these programs. The engineers apply years of study to create, assess, and test software that we use every day. Companies such as Google and Facebook would not exist without some of the best software engineers working for them. The median pay for an Associates in Information Technology expert in this job is about $93,000.

2. Cloud Architect

You have probably heard about the "Cloud” and how everyone is moving there. These are a replacement for the big computers, which companies used to purchase to store their data. Now they simply rely on hardware stored somewhere else in the world. To access it, all they need is an Internet connection and a computer. A cloud architect is tasked with ensuring that each client can access his or her data securely and efficiently. The demand in this area of employment is quite high. It is going to be one of the most important jobs in future. Median pay stands at about $102,000.

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3. System Analyst

A system analyst is an advisor to a business concerning their computing needs. They determine the best software and hardware for the company within a certain budget. The tools they choose must be able to help the company achieve its goals. System Analysts work closely with a system engineer, but their job is to get the best for their customer rather than dealing with the design. They will need good business skills, accounting principles, and good communication skills. They also have to spend a lot of time assessing what the competition is using. The median pay is about $79,000.

4. Mobile Developer

A recent study estimated that the average smartphone user checks their phones about 150 times a day. These numbers are important, because these are viewers from whom money can be made through ads and gaming. A mobile developer designs the code and programs that run on mobile phones. They ensure that a mobile user will have the same experience as one using a computer. Essentially, a mobile developer  will be a software developer for the billions of mobile device users. The median salary will be about $71,000.

5. Application Developers

Apps are not limited to your mobile device. They are used in all devices with computing power. An app developer is the person behind the app. They develop every function that you find in an app. They work with a team that assesses various ideas and concepts, including graphics artists. The median salary for this job is $93,000.

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Today, the world is facing a major shortage of experts with an Associate’s in Information Technology. If you decide this to be your career path, you will probably get to work for some of the biggest companies. You may also decide to become a freelance Information Technology expert and sell your knowledge to the highest bidder.

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