Five Hot Jobs for Associate’s in Business Administration

Updated July 30, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Associate’s in Business Administration Jobs

  • Office Manger
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Business Support Representative
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant

An Associate’s in Business Administration will only take two years to complete, but it will offer lifetime benefits. There are many entry-level, technical and professional jobs available with this degree. This degree teaches students everything they need to know about basic business processes, systems, standards and technology.

Office Manger

Office managers serve as initial points of contact, consultation, problem resolution and service facilitation for their companies. They may oversee talent management, employee wellness and new hire training. Office managers may deal with standard customer, legal, employee and management policies and procedures. They provide advice and problem resolution to clients and employees. They advise staff in the planning, approval and implementation of their duties, projects, strategies and responsibilities. Office managers monitor, verify and authorize routine staff actions and requests. Office managers may deal with financial projections, recruitment strategies, utilization goals and business goals.

Human Resources Assistant

HR assistants deal with job posting, advertising, screening, applicant tracking, selection support and applicant pool development. They use human resource information systems for hiring, training and employee development purposes. They ensure that screening, interviews and pre-employment background checks are efficiently cleared and conducted. They set up new employee orientation sessions, create new employment files, produce offer letters and coordinate on-boarding procedures. HR assistants help with periodic HR audits of various processes that ensure adherence to labor laws, company policies, employment procedures and other legal regulations. They report concerns and makes recommendations for corrective actions.

Business Support Representative

Business support representatives provide quality business and technical support to clients. They answer complex questions about how products functions, how services are used and how contractual benefits may be applied. They are responsible for understanding the client's needs or question in order to properly respond or escalate the situation as needed. Business support representatives must be good at using documentation and training materials to accurately respond to questions and issues raised by customers. They use critical thinking skills to puzzle through problems, assertive skills to escalate to senior members and analytical skills to find better ways of doing things.

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Business Development Coordinator

Business development coordinators may handle industry trends, market research, client profiling, customer bases and sales development. They are responsible for organizing, analyzing and interpreting data, then creating reports and presentations to management. They analyze industry and market data to develop sales, marketing and advertising strategies. They use comprehensive profiling platforms to drive research efforts, facilitate communication across the organization and identify new business opportunities. They may undertake research into online consumer trends in order to prepare recommendations for management.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants provide support for designated teams or departments. They must have excellent grammar, phone demeanor, written communication and knowledge of MS Office. They may be responsible for scheduling appointments, complex calendaring, travel arrangements and event coordination. Administrative assistants consult with management regarding issues, policies, guidelines and procedures. They may be responsible for coordinating and scheduling internal training sessions and corporate professional workshops. They may develop, design and present various documentation and spreadsheets for management.

Additional hot jobs for those with an Associate’s in Business Administration include program assistant, case coordinator, business associate, accounting technician and supply chain analyst. Forbes magazine offers an introduction to associate degrees with the highest salary potential here.

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