Five High-Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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High-Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates

  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Operations Strategist
  • Product Manager
  • Management Consultants

MBA graduates may finish school with tuition debt, but they have unlimited opportunities for high-paying jobs in every sector. An MBA degree provides graduates with advanced skills and training, so they should consider the following five high-paying business jobs.

Business Analyst

Business analysts usually have academic backgrounds in technical and quantitative field. An MBA degree provides the analytical skills needed to match this kind of data-driven training and experience. Business analysts use qualitative information to drive organizational growth, success and understanding. Business analysts are passionate about identifying, researching and resolving real-world problems. They usually provide data intelligence through the generation of complex reports from cross-functional sources. They do this in order to formulate, recommend and substantiate business decisions. They basically deliver insights into business, industry and consumer trends. An MBA graduate will most likely supervise staff who gather, translate and document projects, requests and reports.

Program Manager

Program managers usually lead inbound or outbound operations, which are functional processes across multiple shifts. For example, a program manager at a distribution and fulfillment center will be responsible for leading, engaging and developing teams and protocols. Their main focus will be motivating and mentoring staff to perform high and achieve success. In order to do this, program managers must be creative problem solvers who interpret big data, propose innovative solutions and deliver meaningful results that drive efficiency and productivity. Program managers maintain regulatory compliance, take corrective action as needed and act as the primary information source for teams.

Operations Strategist

Operations strategists work with departmental heads and cross-functional teams to improve everything from web traffic to collaborative partnerships to product development opportunities. They spearhead projects to create new business models, recommend new industry niches and take advantage of new markets. They usually work with the research teams to synthesize findings, develop plans, analyze opportunities and translate recommendations into results. Operations strategists must be highly productive when it comes to taking initiative and responsibility for executing projects. They must use structured thinking to create and leverage frameworks that facilitate alignment among stakeholder decisions.

Product Manager

Product managers may be the voice of revenue-generating merchandise. They synthesize external research, internal analytics and client feedback into long-term visions and short-term execution plans. Product managers must understand customer needs and concerns in order to come up with viable solutions that ensure commercial success. They create, adjust and maintain project scopes, roadmaps and milestones. After they solicit ideas and feedback, they will write specs, create workflows and gather requirements. They may then work with staff to estimate, build and implement better product features.

Management Consultants

Management consultants are entrepreneurial experts who serve as project managers for consulting engagements. They work closely with clients to innovate processes, improve businesses, revise strategies and challenge traditions. They are expected to be hands-on mentors who demonstrate expertise in a wide range of products, services, industry standards and business practices. Management consultants build working relationships across the organization to enhance opportunities, maintain relationships, develop proposals and refine deliverables. They may provide thought leadership concerning company culture, vision and direction.

Five additional high-paying jobs for MBA graduates include asset manager, sales director, compliance supervisor, quality administrator and industry conference speaker. Explore the highest paying MBA majors here.

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