Five High-Paying Jobs for Management Information Systems

Updated November 8, 2022 · 2 Min Read

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High-Paying Careers for Management Information Systems

• Information Technology Director

• Project Manager

• Senior Software Engineer

• Senior Business Analyst

• Senior Systems Analyst

Information technology is a growing field, and individuals with sufficient education and training may have their choice of high-paying careers in management information systems.  Since management information systems is the study of technology, people, and organizations, anyone interested in technology like iPods, iPhones, or even social media and an interest in using technology to improve our way of living may have what it takes for a career in management information systems. Here are five high-paying jobs for management information systems.

Information Technology Director

Information technology (IT) directors establish the goals and policies and are responsible for administering them within the IT department. They also analyze the needs of various departments and determine the best methods to meet these objectives either by utilizing the current information processing systems or developing new systems. The IT director is also in charge of selecting the equipment, supplies, and applications to be used in the IT department. Candidates should usually have at least a few years of managerial experience before becoming an IT director.

Project Manager

Also referred to as computer and information systems managers by the bureau, project managers are the professionals who analyze a business’s computer needs and make recommendations to management regarding possible upgrades. They also ensure the company’s network and electronic security. Project managers are in charge of planning, directing and maintaining the computer system’s software and hardware. They may also be in charge of other IT professionals and determine the personnel needs of that department. When planning new projects, this individual analyzes the benefits and costs of new projects and collaborates with top executives on these projects. The project manager also works with vendors towards finding the best service for the department. These professionals earned a median annual wage of $135,800 as of May 2016 according to the BLS.

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Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineers have typically been software engineers for several years and oversee other software engineers. The senior software engineer is responsible for the design, creation, assessment and testing of software that is used for the organization for which the engineer works. He or she will also oversee other engineers and assist in improving the current software or developing a new product. This individual must have strong leadership and decision-making skills.

Senior Systems Analyst

Senior systems analysts analyze and implement complex systems for their organization. This includes creating, testing and implementing processes for different departments and reporting their findings to IT managers. They must have strong organizational skills, decision-making ability and the ability to multitask on several projects at once. Their duties include managing risks, troubleshooting problems, maintaining program codes, developing budgets and scheduling deadlines for technical supplies. Senior systems analysts must also adhere to strict safety and privacy codes, work well with vendors and clients, and have the ability to develop and maintain strong business relationships.

Senior Business Analyst

Senior business analysts have a wide range of responsibilities and duties within an organization. The senior business analyst assesses the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and determines where improvement is needed. Once they make suggestions for improvement, they must follow through to ensure their plan is successful. They also communicate with personnel, manage project resources and deliver services to clients. Although this varies by experience, senior business analysts earned a median annual wage of $82,895 according to a March 2018 wage report by

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According to the U.S. News & World Report, management information systems professionals are some of the nation’s highest paid workers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that computer and information systems managers should see a job growth of 12 percent between 2016 and 2026. Both U.S. News and the BLS state these management information systems professionals will be greatly in demand for years to come. Individuals interested in working with and around technology can become part of this field and benefit from the choice of many high-paying jobs working in management information systems.

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