5 High-Paying Jobs for Associate's in Business Administration

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An associate's degree in business administration can be the stepping stone to a lucrative career helping employees understand their benefits as

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High-Paying Jobs for Associate's in Business Administration

  • Sales Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Management Analyst
  • Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Account Executive

When you want to attend a 2-year program for your associate's degree in business administration, you might be worried about leveraging that degree into a great-paying job. The following are some of the best-paying jobs for those with a degree and a few years of experience. In fact, CNN reports that a degree in business administration is one of the more lucrative majors.

Sales Managers

The biggest part of the success of any business is their sales. Without clients and customers, a business will fail. A sales manager will hire top sales people to keep the business afloat. The manager will teach their sales team through training programs. They improve the sales team through incentive programs as well as assigning important territories to the top earners. The sales manager will help monitor and maintain relationships with customers as well as vendors to ensure that the team is running smoothly. While the salary of a sales person can vary widely based on commissions, a sales manager doesn't work on commission. The median income of the manager is $71,588 per year.

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Human Resource Managers

In the human resources field, those with associate's degrees and some experience can advance to the role of human resource manager. An associate's degree in business administration can be the stepping stone to a lucrative career helping employees understand their benefits as well as being the liaison between employees and upper management. The career sees a median income of approximately $117,080 depending on years of experience and the company. Some human resource managers can make more or less. Along with an associate's degree in business administration, there are certificates that can help propel the graduate in the HR field like those from certain associations. The Society of Human Resource Management is a good starting point.

Management Analyst

When a business is losing clients or their sales are falling, they'll hire a financial or management analyst. The management analyst will take a look at the entire company as a whole to figure out where the problems are. Once they've identified key problems in the company, they'll devise a clear plan of attack for getting the company back on top. The plan they create will help the business run efficiently and smoothly. It could involve a new set of procedures and strategies in the marketing department or streamlining the customer service processes. The median pay for a management analyst is $72,000.

Medical and Health Services Managers

In the medical and health services field, administrators and managers help to run their departments efficiently. They monitor goals of the department as well as recruit and hire talented employees to fill the ranks. Medical and health services managers work in hospitals, private practice, clinics and nursing homes. they can make approximately $106,070 in median income per year. This will depend on the type of facility that the person chooses for work. It helps to have a minor in accounting since the managers will have to prepare and analyze departmental budgets each fiscal year.

Account Executive

Some managers with an associate's degree in business administration will run one department like the finance or sales department. An account executive is the person who handles certain client accounts to ensure that the company is taking care of the client or customer properly. They'll handle all aspects of certain customers especially those that are spending millions of dollars for the company's services each year. The median pay of an account executive is $64,600.

These jobs are rewarding as well as being highly lucrative positions that require an associate's degree in business administration. Along with the degree, they normally require some certifications depending on the industry too. Once you pick a lucrative career path, you can dig deeper into the years experience needed as well as the certifications.

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