Five Growing Specialties in Human Services

Updated February 23, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Anyone who works for a company knows people are the most important asset and it is the human resources specialist who oversees many of the different programs designed to assist personnel. In smaller companies, there might only be one or two members of the human resources staff, while in larger companies, there might be several.

The position of human resources staff has evolved. At one time, human resources personnel handled just about every aspect of company personnel. In today’s workplace, however, there are various human resources specialties that focus on specific personnel areas.

Compensation Manager

As companies are looking to retain the best personnel, compensation managers are the individuals responsible for developing and maintaining the various rewards and benefits packages. These include monitoring salaries, adjusting bonuses, setting up pension funds, as well as medical and dental insurance in some organizations.

Training Specialists

Companies want their employees to as knowledgeable and well-trained as possible. A training specialist is the individual who organizes, conducts, maintains, and supervises training programs for employees. In addition to the training programs, a training specialist also works closely with managers and employee supervisors to implement various improvement programs. A training specialist also oversees on-the-job training to help an organization’s employees improve job skills and also learn new skills to help advance within the company.

An article in Forbes recently pointed out the value of training personnel by highlighting how trained employees lead to immediate benefits within the company. Taking the broader view shows that the more trained employees that are available within any particular field, the stronger the entire field becomes.

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Employment and Recruitment Specialist

Companies are always looking to hire the best people to join their organization. That’s where the employment and recruitment specialist comes in. This specialist will set up programs in different job fairs as they search for the best possible candidates to join their company’s team. The recruitment specialist also visits various high schools and college campuses in order to scope out, interview, and even extend job offers to viable candidates. This type of specialist might also be called upon to interview applicants and check references of potential candidates.

The New York Times pointed out how recruitment specialists tend to think “outside the box” when it comes to finding new talent. When Quicken Loans needed to find potential new recruits, rather than holding a traditional job fair, teams of recruitment specialists went into various businesses and sought out those individuals who showed the most enthusiasm and interest among the employees with whom they interacted.

Human Resources Analyst

As mentioned earlier, people are a company’s most valuable asset. The human resources analyst is the individual who has the overall responsibility of training new employees, providing current employees with the opportunity for more growth within the company, producing new policies and improved systems for current employees, and educating personnel about the human resources policies and practices that are set up within the company.

Employee Assistance Plan Manager

When employees find themselves in need of assistance in managing work and home life, the employee assistance manager is the individual responsible for helping the employees. More and more often, the delicate balance between work and home is getting upset, causing employees to sometimes face tremendous pressures. The pressure then causes the employee’s job performance to suffer. Employee assistance plan managers help create programs that work to maintain a harmonious balance between the home and the office.

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No doubt there will be other areas of importance among these five growing specialties in human services. Businesses are constantly evolving and that means the need to maintain a healthy and happy workforce must evolve, as well.

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