Five Free Online Resources for School Administrators

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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School Administrators Free Online Resources

  • The American Association of School Administrators
  • Education World
  • A Principal’s Reflections
  • Eduwonk
  • The 21st Century Principal

If you are a school administrator, these free online resources can help you stay on top of the latest reforms. Whether you need to learn new techniques or handle the paperwork, these free options can make your life easier. Best of all, many of these sites are written by school administrators. Because of this, they have information and resources that are perfectly suited to match your needs.

1. The American Association of School Administrators

More than 13,000 leaders in education are members of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). This is one of the oldest groups to tackle the issues affecting public education and has existed for more than 150 years. Today, the AASA remains a firm advocate for American public schools. The website offers information about upcoming events, the latest news in education and other opportunities on their website.

2. Education World

Marketed as an educator's best friend, Education World offers an impressive amount of content for school administrators. Free online resources provide help with planning lessons, leading games and finding the right student software. While many of the articles are tailored for teachers, there are also sections where school administrators can share their personal experiences. This section is called “How I Handled” and includes the stories of how individual administrators overcame specific problems.

3. A Principal’s Reflections

A Principal’s Reflections is regularly ranked as one of the best school administrator blogs on the internet. It is run by Eric Sheninger and includes inspiring content. All of the blog posts are researched extensively. This site offers child-focused education tools, policy commentary and expert opinion on leadership in the education sector. In addition, administrators can find out information about integrating new technology into education. Because of its excellent research and commentary, this blog has received awards like the EDTECH Leadership Award.

4. Eduwonk

If you love education policy, Eduwonk is the site for you. In recent years, many of the articles have focused around Common Core. The site also looks at school accreditation, high school rankings, educational news and commentary. Most of the blog focuses on how education policy and politics intersect. Readers are also able to reach out to the site directly through Eduwonk's Facebook and Twitter pages to interact with the writers. This site manages to blend in humor, policy insight and wit for interesting educational news.

5. The 21st Century Principal

After spending years in college, reading dry educational news is probably the last thing that you want to do. Luckily, the 21st Century Principal is one of the most amusing education blogs available. Written by John Robinson, it has a snarky, humorous tone. While it may be fun to read, the topics are immensely valuable for modern educations. The posts range from topics like technology to the failure of standardized tests. If you want to stay on top of the latest developments without being bored, this is the site for you.

Once you have a role in school administration, it is important to continue learning about new developments. Effective leadership is one of the most important elements of successfully running a school. There are many websites and blogs available that can help you learn about new ideas and improve the welfare of everyone at your school. As these free online resources show, knowledge does not have to be expensive to be effective.

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