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Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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Software Options for Project Management

  • Smartsheet
  • Mavenlink
  • Clarizen
  • Wrike
  • Workzone

Because there are many project management software options out there, it is wise to take as much time as necessary whittling down the options to find the tool that accommodates your personal needs the most.

Even if they're similar in terms of their raw technological specifications and overall processing power, different tools have been made with different kinds of end-users in mind. It is not simply a matter of experience with project management, but also the nature of the specific projects that you tend to carry out the most in your particular line of work or practice.

To make the process of sorting through the many project management software options slightly easier, consider the following top-rated solutions on the market. For their reliability, adaptability and user-friendliness, the project management software tools below have all been recognized as some of the best options currently available for both beginners and veterans alike.


Project management tools shouldn't be more difficult to get running than necessary, and Smartsheet is one piece of software for project management that has been designed for a conveniently easy setup process. Thanks to the inclusion of pre-built templates, users who don't have their own existing projects to load up can immediately get into the swing of things relatively quickly.

For users that do happen to have their own existing projects, those project files can be imported into the program and resumed without delay. Overall, Smartsheet's biggest advantages are its collaboration-friendly features and highly accommodating flexibility.


This project management solution was developed in order to help users conduct their projects in a manner that is better-informed by the performance of their past endeavors. By taking the metrics of previous projects into account, Mavenlink can help managers optimize profitability by doubling down on their most clearly demonstrable advantages and controlling for their weaknesses.


Clarizen was made to help project managers safely accelerate their workflow in a manner that preserves workflow productivity without sacrificing thoroughness. One of the most common consequences of an accelerated workflow is the lessened ability to fully account for more easily overlooked details, and to address this challenge, Clarizen has been outfitted with convenient features such as real-time collaboration. Ideally, this solution can give the user a more effective way to have their project's efficiency remain proportional with their desired project development speed.


If your primary concern is to have an all-inclusive range of control over your project from start to finish, then Wrike could be the specific answer that you've been looking for. From the first inquiry to the final results, Wrike is an end-to-end solution that gives gives you a complete field of insight into every aspect of the project throughout its entire duration.


Workzone is on the more conservative side when it comes to features, which can be a satisfying quality for those who are not as interested in experimentation as they are in the software's coverage of the basic fundamentals. This is a lightweight yet robust software solution that prioritizes straightforwardness over complexity, making it a suitable solution for projects that call for a relatively simple and linear approach with a low margin of error.

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